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[2020-11-5] Writers visit Chun-Ming Huang Experience Action Center Together
On the last day of October, writers Rui-Teng, Lee, Zhi-Cheng, Luo, Do Ya, and Hong-Ji, Liao visited the only Chun-Ming, Huang Experience Action Center in the country. On the floor of the Library and Information Center of Ilan University, a large-scale Chun-Ming, Huang’s GuiShan Island 〈龜山島〉oil painting poem is facing each other. The poet Zhi-Cheng, Luo admires Chun-Ming, Huang’s unique and beautiful writing fonts, especially when Chun-Ming, Huang was 85 years old, his words and pen rhyme are even more precious than old. No wonder that within two years, from "跟著寶貝走" to "秀琴,這個愛笑的女孩", novel creations came out one after another.

The museum area planning has Chun-Ming, Huang’s year wall, master in Ilan University, AR tear painting area, virtual real-life museum, cultural bookcase, while listening to Chun-Ming, Huang read aloud 〈龜山島〉 poems in Taiwaness, while following the line to visit, the writers said Ilan University is the whole collection place of Chun-Ming, Huang various periods of publishing, foreign translation works version of the most abundant and complete place, the urgent need to affirm the school to collect and promote Chun-Ming, Huang literature.

In Virtual Photo Gallery, the authors took a group photo with Chun-Ming, Huang (黃春明), experienced the activity of paper tearing (AR), and viewed the poems projection on the old desk and the layout of Mr. Huang's coffee table and chair, it seemed like that they went back to the created space-time of Mr. Huang. Moreover, a kind feeling happened when the author, Rui-Teng, Lee (李瑞騰) who heard the voice talking between him and Mr. Huang in the facsimile room. The other authors stayed their autograph and words on the Chun-Ming, Huang’s guestbook.
Voice Play