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[2021-2-24] Stories of Citizenship Training
For Taiwanese who born in 1960 to 1980, talking the most impressive thing about the memories of high school was the "citizenship training" in those years. Combining graduation trips, coming-of-age ceremonies and the "becoming adults" activities in overnight camping, the citizenship training could help them realized the meaning of growth in the tournament games.

Currently, Lin Shumiao, a retired Chinese professor at Ilan University, took out a precious audio tape and told a story. In the 70th year of the Republic Era, when applying the subsidies for student citizenship training activities to the Provincial Department of Education, in addition to written materials, tapes could also be used to assist in explanations. The application method was particularly advanced. At that time, Professor Lin Shumiao, with a beautiful voice comparable to that of a broadcaster from the China Broadcasting Corporation, clearly described the content of the project for funding subsidies, and dubbed in background music by herself, recorded it into a tape, and sent it along with the written materials. This audio tape carries the background elements at the time, which is very historical. The Center for Digital Learning of Ilan University retrieved the audio, matched the photos of the event, and edited it into an audio-visual file, hoping to relive the throbbing time.

For the purpose of familiarizing teenagers with the current national situation, cultivating one’s patriotism, solidifying the main idea of Sunology and stimulating one’s loyalty towards the country, K-12 Education Administration has implemented a policy aimed at strengthening the civil education by activities since 1980, hoping that each student before graduation is familiar to the knowledge of nation and civil responsibilities.

To increase the budget of civic education and training group activities, the Provincial Department of Education calculated the funds to each school according to the number of students, with 200 dollars per student as the benchmark. At that time, the school adopted the following three principles: Courses and parties were implemented in the Chiang Kai-Shek hall of the school. Students' night stay was held in each classroom. And outdoor group activities were carried out in Toucheng Beach Park, which is 15 kilometers away from the school. National Ilan University said that since the implementation of the citizen training activities, we can see the specific performance by the reviews of the weekly records and the behaviors of the previous students. Many graduates return to school to visit their teachers, they will still indulge in the activities they used to join with vivid memories.
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