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[2021-2-26] Interdisciplinary Integration of National Ilan University to Explore the Traditional Industry
Multi-industry planning case helps farmers turn gracefully
National Ilan University (NIU) promoted the “Industrial Program of Sih-Ji-Nan-Shan” which has a perspective that some of the local farmers can rely on fostering truffle, although the growing of truffle is still a myth. Shi-Bin, Lin (林世斌), the principal investigator and the professor in the Department of Food Science said that the fostering is not one hundred percent success, throughout the articles and the researches before we can just know that both truffle and cabbage-like alkaline soil, and still within this condition, the project needs to start.

He is proud to say that in the industry, the professional ability about Ilan university students has always been widely trusted by enterprises. Therefore, the county government, for seven years, each year to budget one million to implement truffle artificial breeding program. In the effort of the team of Ilan university and the growing chances of success, 18 aboriginal farmers have been testing a total of 2.6 hectares of farmland over the years. If the proceeds from growing cabbages are calculated at 1 million per hectare, farmers have already invested tens of millions. This is a big number for farmers, and naturally the pressure on Ilan teams is not small.

Cross-academic cooperation, scientific and technological strength to support innovative agriculture

Project execution requires a cross-disciplinary team. The host trees for truffles include Fagaceae, and the team selected Green Quercus and Chestnut to cultivate. In addition to the majors of the Department of Horticulture and Forestry (Soil Identification and Analysis) for cultivating host trees, given that the microclimate also has a great influence on the growth of truffles, it is better to apply for the "Smart Technology Application in Agricultural Production" project from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In addition to the introduction of molecular biotechnology into the management of host tree mycorrhizas, it also incorporates the technology of the mechanical system and the engineering system into the team. "The team has developed underground photographic monitoring equipment. Now the equipment has entered the third generation and can be buried underground to observe how truffles go from mycelium to truffles; at the same time, it also develops microclimate sensing equipment to record the meteorological information of the cultivated area, uses aerial camera positioning and multispectral technology to manage nearly 2,000 host trees in the park. The next step is to develop equipment to overcome bad weather conditions and sustainable power supply systems.” Shi-Bin, Lin (林世斌) said proudly that the entire set of monitoring equipment was developed by the students themselves. Through the project, students can enter the field to accept their majors and give full play to what they have learned. There will be a clearer vision of the industry to be served in the future. As for the collected information, through the use of big data analysis technology to form an expert database, it will be conducive to technology transfer or to provide services to those in need to give full play to the spirit of university responsibility.

Just as the origin of this project is for a sustainable environment, when students participate personally, not only will they have a direction for learning, but social responsibility will also become a lifelong memory. Ilan university flipped teaching also successfully added value to what the students learned!
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