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[2021-3-2] National Ilan University Connecting the World with Intellectual Brightness
The rapid development of artificial intelligence, 5G networks, drones, smart agriculture and other industries symbolizes the coming of the next wave of technological revolution. The National Ylian University, which is nearly about to be century-old, reforming of the college and the technical college, it has built solid teaching and research. The foundation is laid to quickly respond to the kinetic energy of the times and industrial development, successfully transform, and get ready to meet to the future generations.

National Ilan University has been ranked among the "Best Universities in Taiwan" by "Global Views Monthly". In 2020, it made a leap into "The World's Best University in 2021" of the "Times Higher Education" and won international recognition. The performance of important domestic and foreign events is stable, including TDK competitions, IoT Big Platform Creative Application Contest, IEEE IFEC 2020 International Future Energy Challenge, and IEEE ECCE2020 International Student Special Exhibition Contest, and so on. NIU won more than 30 awards in 2020, performing their abundant energy.

The wave of declining birthrates has impacted higher education, and Yilan University has counterattacked, and the results of running the school have been highly recognized. According to the registration rate of college freshmen in the 109 academic year announced by the Ministry of Education, the registration rate of NIU reached 95.97%, ranking 12th among public universities in the country, jumping 8 places, and the bachelor's degree program of the day school system jumping to the 19th place, and the master's degree to the 21st place, the registration rate of the doctoral class has reached 100% for 7 consecutive years, and the performance is very impressive.

Cross-field learning is about to win
Yilan University is a comprehensive university with the Department of Humanities and Management, the Department of Engineering, the Department of Biological Resources, and the Department of Electrical Information. It upholds excellent teaching, pragmatic research, emphasizes cross-field learning, pays attention to learning autonomy, and integrates cross-faculty teachers. It is established in 110 academic years "UAV Application and Smart Agriculture Master's Degree Program" to develop application talents with a vision of smart agriculture.

NIU is applying for the establishment of the "Master of Artificial Intelligence Program" in the 111st academic year to strengthen the technical capabilities and basic research capabilities in the development of artificial intelligence systems, and cultivate talents for the development of new AI technologies. It also plans to establish a "Bachelor of Data Management and Application". Process", combining data analysis and visual presentation, data forecasting and the application of intelligent decision-making, cultivates cross-disciplinary practical management talents with innovative thinking. The development characteristics of each department, combining creativity and practice, plan a four-year problem-solving course, introduce systematic learning, reduce the gap between learning and use, and enhance students' professional strength.

Connecting with local business, Educating for practical human resources

NIU has constructed a deep connection with local businesses. Started from its proposal of Social Responsibility, there was over 90 teachers leading thousands of students into country areas, contributing their efforts through their expertise. Consulting teams, academic-industry alliances are set up along the way to strengthen the chain of cooperation. Aboriginal tribes have also been taken care of by award-winning project.

As for overseas interactions, NIU successively signed MoU and student-exchange agreement with campuses in England, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and so on, in order to broaden students’ horizon. Another worthy of mentioning is an overseas internship on top of a joint dual-degree contracted with the educational group of the largest university of hotel management in Switzerland. Students are able to go for an internship with pay and to earn a degree at once, hop on to the track of global movement, grabbing a head start in their careers.
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