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[2021-3-18] Learning International Etiquette
On March 10, 2021, the International Affairs Office of National Ilan University held a special topic lecture on “Follow the Chief of Protocol Department¬ to Learn Etiquette — Level 2” in the room number 103 of General Building in NIU. The ambassador Yu-Feng Zhu, the former chief of protocol department of MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), was invited to be the keynote lecturer for the speech. Furthermore, Po-Ching Wu, the president of NIU, addressed a few introductory remarks to the audience and fully participated in the 6-hour etiquette lesson.

Ambassador Zhu emphasized that international business etiquette should be "adapted to local conditions," and can plan a way to impress foreign guests. Take the experience of being appointed as Saint Vincent's ambassador to receive the president's visit as an example. At that time, the local orchestra was invited to sing Chinese traditional songs, which created a deep impression for the visit. In addition to the reception methods, the ambassador also suggests thinking about how to deepen the impression of foreign guests in planning the itinerary. The ambassador also suggested that the signing pen at the time of signing can be packaged as a gift, which is of great commemorative significance.

Ambassador Zhu stressed that the International Business Etiquette should be “adapt to local conditions”, and that foreign guest could impress by the method of reception should be planned and fully practiced. With the experience of receiving the President’s delegation as Ambassador of St. Vincent as an example. At the time, he invited the local orchestral of Chinese traditional songs, which impress the delegation deeply. In addition, the method of reception, the ambassador also suggested that we should think about how to impress foreign guests in the planning of the visit schedule. In addition, in the field simulation of contract signing, the assistant helps the signing representatives of both sides to sign their own contract, after the assistant exchanges the contract, the two representatives sign the other side's contract, the two representatives can exchange their own contract and take a photo. The Ambassador also suggested that the signing pen could be packaged and given as a gift.

The National Ilan University’s emphasis on international etiquette impressed the ambassador. She is looking forward to continuing to hold relevant courses in the future. It is even more hopeful that the school’s teachers and students can broaden their international horizons through the promotion of courses, and be able to perform demeanor appropriately in all types of social occasions.
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