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[2021-3-15] NIU won awards at TDK Cup National College Creative Design and Production Competition
24 competitions have been held to date, TDK Cup National College Creative Design and production competition is the largest robot design competition in Taiwan, which is jointly held by TDK culture and education foundation and the technical and vocational department of the Ministry of education. Since the 1st competition, Ilan University has made brilliant achievements with nearly 20 competition experiences. And the training plan of creative practices has enabled the students of Ilan University to reserve excellent practical ability.

The Department of Biomechatronic Engineering of Ilan University took part in the "Plastic-free Meander" team in the remote-control group competition and won four awards, including the champion, creativity award, best team discipline award, and science and technology humanities award in the 24th TDK Cup National College Creative Design and production competition. Meanwhile, participated the flight competition as the team “Lan-Ding-Zhi-Shang” (蘭頂之上), the Department of Biomechatronic Engineering of Ilan University won the second place, best team discipline award, and creativity award. The two teams took seven important awards and became the biggest winners.

National Ilan university has the educational features of both theory and practice, and the training mode of the Department of Biomechatronic Engineering, which is formed by the cooperation of four elements of creativity, thinking, practice and team. These four features have played a great leading role in cultivating students' creative and integration ability." Said Tsai, Meng-Li, a professor of the Department of Biomechatronic Engineering at Ilan University, Professor Li-John Chou of the Department of Biomechatronic Engineering laid the foundation for training and deduce a set of "creative and practical teaching methods" from previous competitions, which allows students to operate what they have learned in class. Students who have participated in the competition can help their younger classmates to strengthen the learning effect. What’s more important, the team members need to be cooperative, and use the effective execution strategy to develop the chemistry between individual and the whole team.

National Ilan University strengthens students' professional functions and integrates teachers' practical research to achieve "learning by doing. " At the same time, it verifies students' learning effectiveness by means of providing scholarship, matchmaking channels, and encouraging students to participate in international visits and exchanges. TDK competition is one of the examples. The champion team can visit Japan to observe relevant competitions and broaden their horizons.

Winning the championship and runner-up lies in the speed and ability of the robots on site, and more importantly, the continuous drilling and improvement before the game. This is also the unique feature of the TDK competition: You will start the competition after you registration and must provide the weekly task diary and mid-term assessments for the first eight months to the organizer. "It not only need to be clever, but also have a meticulous plan and endurance until the achievement is shown.” Ming-Li Tsai believes that in addition to training creative design skills, it is also important to train the expressiveness that the judges can understand. It is also important for the team to complement each other.

NIU team does not slacking on the summer vacation, the eight-month stable performance is the key for National Ilan University to winning two awards of "Best Work Team Discipline". The two creative awards are a demonstration of the independent learning of the NIU team. Meng-Li, Tsai did not hesitate to say that children who enter NIU may experience failure in the college entrance exam, but they have good qualifications. Participating in the TDK competition is an opportunity to regain their confidence. "Divided we fall, united we stand, especially the intensity of eight-month training is enough to stimulate active learning and create self-expectations." Meng-Li, Tsai also asks students not only to be practical, but also to raise awareness of aesthetics and consumer demand. “Tech-Humanity Award” is simply the best recognition.

Valuable competition experience, through the apprenticeship system and on-track curriculum planning, enriches more and more NIU students. All TDK graduates are in demand, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Micron Technology, Inc, Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited, TDK Corporation TDK Taiwan, Hilti Taiwan Co., Ltd., SEYI and other companies. They are shining in the industry with their trustworthy strength.
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