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[2021-3-18] "Vision Plan" of the individual application for university admission
In the 110 academic year, for helping students who are economically studies-marginalized in national universities expansively and encouraging those to study in these universities near their home, the ministry of education has verified eleven national universities to implement the “Vision Plan.” To coordinate the implementation of this “Vision Plan”, there were fourteen departments in National Ilan University having recruited increasingly forty students in the extra enrollment quota of the individual application for admission in the 110 academic year.

National I-lan University stated that the qualifications for applying to the project are restricted for students from families with special circumstances, low-income households, middle-income households, or high school vocational students who have been registered household in Yilan for 3 years and have been studying in Yilan throughout the whole process. The examination candidates who are interested in taking for the entrance Individual application of NIU should register to the College Admission Committee from March 19th March to 24th, and check the "Vision Plan’s Students" choice in the identity field. The relevant identification documents will be verified at the time of registration for the second stage of the designated project exam from April 5th to 9th.

The candidate who has passed the candidate plan investigation will have to undergo second stage review if his/her individual application fail to pass the first stage screening. That is, the vision plan’s candidates anyhow get the qualification of designated test in recommended proficiency examination in second stage. If the candidate who is qualified for the vision plan has successfully passed the first stage screening, he/she will acquire two qualifications: the general student and the vision plan’s student. If the candidate mentioned above is not listed in primary list in second stage with his/her general student qualification, he/she is able to apply once again with his/her vision plan’s student qualification. It means the candidate will have one more chance compared to the general students and he/she has a higher chance to be enrolled!

In order to assist candidate to prepare written examination information more clearly and completely, every department of National Ilan University provides “The Guideline for written Examined Information Key Point and Preparation”. Candidates are allowed to download through accessing the college application official website ( or official website of each faculty department, in order to be more advantageous in preparing written examined information.
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