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[2021-3-10] Plural Promotion for Teaching Staffs
The Ministry of Education picked 105 well-doing project files out of the 108th year “MOE Teaching Practice Research Program”. A press conference was held at 9th, with 13 award receivers attended. Three Professors from Alethia University, NCU, NSYU respectively, shared their experience of their projects with speeches. On the other side, provost from NTUT and deputy provost of NYMCTU shared the system job done on their respective campus to ameliorate and renovate the courses, research, and academic communications.

MOE Teaching Practice Research Program made its debut on 107th year, for each of the program runs for one year, dating from 1st August of that year to 31st of the following year. It is the first program of MOE to review ad to fund directly to teaching individuals for their teaching projects, along with assessment and evaluation. It aims to ensure and push the renovation and cultivation on teaching elites within universities. The project review is divided into twelve categories, including General Education, Arts and Design, Commerce and Management, Engineering, Science and Math, Biotech and Agriculture, and so on. In order to maximize the influence of respective teaching projects and research achievements, also to encourage the teachers with their efforts, a system consists of open qualifying, review, and final trial has been put forward to elect the best-performing projects.

After the completion of the annual plan, there were five meetings which for sharing each achievement be held, and a total of 1,110 plan hosts participated in the oral presentations. The Ministry of Education invites experts and scholars to conduct a preliminary review of the demographic report of the project, and then review the written report on the project results, select projects with great reference value for research design, curriculum planning, data collection and effectiveness evaluation. After the final review, 105 excellent projects were be selected.

The host of the project invited to attend the press conference today comes from various academic fields, such as Xi-Zhong Lin’s design of the teaching method of integrating film information into information security, first through the film "The Imitation Game" to attract students' interest in learning Enigma cryptography, and then lead the students to make their own "Potato Chip Pot Cipher Machine" and verified the knowledge acquired in the video through operation; Bao-Zhi Zheng has participated in the highlight exhibition of the teaching practice research project. This year, he will learn the economy through playing games again and analyze the relationship between teaching and learning. He was selected as a merit-based project. Yi-Lian Ho planned to incorporate the real society into the theater. In addition to making the city a classroom, it would deepen the connection between students and the locality, and also enhance students' social care, ability of thinking, and cross-domain communication.

In addition, Ming-feng Zhan of Central University plans to improve the teaching ability of teachers and students; Wen-jun Chen of Chung Cheng University cooperates with international current affairs in English, combined with virtual role playing; Beijing University of Science and Technology (Yi-huan Li) uses AR teaching tools to introduce traditional furniture and wood engineering students into trial furniture courses; Taitung University (Zhi-long Xie) uses a sociological perspective to string together the Taitung story map through the memory and connection of mountains, seas and people; Shu-yin Su from Chenggong University introduces heuristic problem learning methods to improve the learning and teaching effectiveness of discrete mathematics courses. Li-yi Xie, Chung Cheng University, used a number of expensive digital control equipment experiments in the original general physics experiment course to introduce experimental teaching instead of high-quality and inexpensive micro-control development cards; Yi-zhen Yu, Department of Nursing, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology plans to present the micro-course textbooks in animation; Yangming Transportation (Shi-yuan Li) of the university used 3D printing of standardized tooth models as preclinical training for root canal treatment; Hong-xu Yan from Huwei University of Science and Technology used the rest life trajectory map to view the rest life of the elderly in rural areas; Hongguang University of Science and Technology (Pei-yun Lu) designed an innovative teaching practice plan for cutting, ironing and dyeing, emphasizing real-person demonstrations and exercises; Asia University (Yang-jia Shi) introduced the "design thinking teaching method" into the curriculum, making the teaching content of the course more diverse and richer in variety, and inspiring students' learning motivation in "learning by doing". Related results are also placed on the sharing platform for the views of university teachers.

In addition to announcing the merit plan and the host list and issuing awards, the Ministry of Education will also invite the host to participate in relevant seminars and workshops, and include them in the plan and the multi-level promotion review talent pool; at the same time, it is recommended that the school be willing to recognize it. The selected performance plans are regarded as professional research results during teacher evaluation and promotion, so as to encourage teachers to continue to invest in teaching practice research.

The Ministry of Education also invited representatives of schools with outstanding performance in the implementation of the 108 years to attend the press conference, including Chenggong University, where 7 teachers won awards, and Taitung University, where 4 teachers won awards. The regional base schools of the Teaching Practice Project, Taipei Education University, Providence University, Sun Yat-sen University and Yilan University also attended the press conference to participate in the grand event.

In order to encourage teachers to improve the quality of teaching and cooperate with teachers’ multiple promotion system, the Ministry of Education has also promoted the publication of the journal "Research on Teaching Practice" (URL:, in addition to providing teachers Diversified public publication channels and expanded communication channels for teaching practical results. In the future, published papers can be submitted for review as upgraded works, which will help connect teachers' career development.
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