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[2021-4-03] Sustainable Energy: Yilan Green Expo “Omnipotent Venue” Attracts Attention
National Ilan University was invited to participate in this year's Yi Lan Green Expo and set up an "Omnipotent Venue” with exhibits such as green energy bicycle power generation and mosquito-catching robots, which are quite eye-catching. Green-energy bicycle power generation" in the bicycle equipped with a small generator with electromagnetic induction principle, so that the daily movement of kinetic energy into electrical energy, can be powered to smart mobile phones and other electronic products below 100 watts, human-driven power generation, to achieve energy-saving effect.

National Ilan University said that the “Omnipotent Venue” takes the creative thinking as the center point and combines the core idea of sustainable energy which are the goal of global sustainable development. The College of Engineering in NIU, the Green Technology Research and Development Center and the research team of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provide various energy-related instruments.

Exhibits in the “Omnipotent Venue” include green energy bicycles to generate electricity, the platform of fuel cell test, wind power unit, the solar tracking system, detective mosquito-catching robot and so on. It also includes participated games and educational experience curriculum planning to make understanding for people how energy issues are closely related to lives and evoke actions of practicing the sustainable energy.

Siou-Syuan, Wang (王修璇), associate professor of the Green Technology Development Center and a lab group providing the “green energy cycle which can create power generation” carries a small generator on the bicycle, to drive the alternator from the kinetic energy of daily exercise, to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, to provide electricity to the smartphone, laptop, and other electronics whose watts are below 100. By using the manpower to drive electricity generation, achieving the effect of saving energy.

The research team of Professor Jin-can, Wang from the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering’s "research-type mosquito-catching robot", in addition to the original grid-killing function of the traditional mosquito-catching lamp, also has system components such as environment detection, movement, green energy, and silent inhalation. After detecting mosquitoes, it can move, trap and inhale silently, and let the mosquitoes fall into the fish tank after killing.

NIU pointed out that the mosquito-catching robot is self-powered by a green energy generator. The electricity generated can be used for emergencies, implement the ecological cycle, and show the characteristics of green energy technology. In 109, it passed an invention patent application.
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