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[2021-9-13] the Ambassador of Thailand is Awarded Honorable Alumni of NIU
Ambassador Mr. Thongchai Chasawath has been awarded the Honorable Alumni today by President Po-Ching, Wu (吳柏青校長), in order to appreciate his efforts in providing assistance between National Yilan University and Thai schools at all levels, research institutes, as well as civil units for the past few years. President Po-Ching, Wu mentioned: “Ambassador Mr, Thongchai Chasawath has been one of the important partners of NIU in the development of international affairs, we are looking forward to furthering collaboration continuously on both sides in the future.”

President Wu said that since NIU established the Shennong Overseas Volunteer Group to go to Thailand for service activities back in 2015, the generalist ambassadors actively assisted in contacting the chairman of the "Thailand Horticultural Association" to negotiate and promote volunteer service plans and share NIU’s agricultural technology with Thailand Agricultural production institutions to improve agricultural facilities, the quality of agricultural products, and product diversification. After that, they continued to hold Shennong Volunteer activities, sharing agricultural technology and serving students with fruitful results.

Through the introduction of the Ambassador Mr. Thongchai Chasawath, NIU signed a MOU with the Thai School (NIVEA). In the future, Thai students can go to National Ilan University as exchange students or to pursue degree program in NIU. In agricultural research, the Ambassador also assisted in the cooperation of “Surat Thani Postharvest Fruit Storage, Processing and Value-added Research Center” and successfully applied for a transnational agricultural research project.

Pointed out by PresidentWu, he also travelled to Chiang Mai in company of the Ambassador. They have visited the dried lunggan processing, the bean sprout production, the honey production, and other units of farmers seed & seedling, understanding the local industry and seeking the chance of research cooperation with NIU.

Today, NIU holds an award ceremony for the Honorable Alumni. In addition, President Wu thanks again the Ambassador for his devotion in support of NIU in the exchange activities with Thailand, which greatly enhances the relationship between NIU and the units in Thailand. We hope that NIU and Thailand can continually promote more cooperation and exchange.
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