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[2021-9-11] National Ilan University Cultivates Entrepreneurial Energy and Starts from Yilan to the Global
Since the closed society has gradually turned into an open one, students have to respond to it with more diversified knowledge and skills. The universities have the responsibility to provide students with a field to integrate with the real society to make them employ the knowledge and skills and in their career with confidence.
With the youth entrepreneurship program, National Ilan University reduces the gap between industries and universities to create a win-win future for students, the university, and the local region.

South Campus Creates an Excellent Field for youth entrepreneurship.

National Ilan University has plentiful achievements of youth entrepreneurship in these years. President Po-ching Wu says, “Entrepreneurship advice provides not only an environment but also people playing important roles in it. Including the knowledge, skills, and even emotional support and company, the teachers devote to providing all these. Hence, we can have all these results.” He points out that Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center serves as the role of incubator and assists local manufactures to gradually move towards diversified development. The objectives of the Center include imparting the knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship, encouraging students to start a business; and in the meanwhile, promoting and marketing the research results of the university.

To expand the profit effects of youth startups, National Ilan University actively seeks for external resources. For example, through the U-start program of Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education, the first aboriginal start-up company was born last year. And three more companies were selected this year. President Wu further shared, “such achievements come from the fact that the school has not only invested in hardware, software, and school affairs innovation in recent years, but also sought resources from the outside.” The most important part is the pursuit for a 26.7-hectare South Campus. Moreover, we received subsidies from the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan for three consecutive years and set up a special program for Intelligent Leisure Agriculture based on public expense. Furthermore, we established the first “youth farmer start-up Incubation base” on campus in the country. In addition, we found a Food Maker Center, providing opportunities for students in the related department to get the internship, which lets the students practically learn the process from production, manufacturing to marketing.

A Distinguished NIU Devoted to Yilan

National Ilan University (NIU), with a 95-year history, has been limited by the lack of campus space, and officially acquired the land of the South campus in 2017. President Wu believes that facing the impact of declining birthrates, NIU is actively brace for the challenge. Based on its original characteristics and niche, it will create a youth entrepreneurship field and environment on the South Campus, allowing students to confirm targets in their career development goals as soon as possible and have diversified interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

For President Wu, the establishment of a youth entrepreneurship field not only benefits students, but also takes up the social responsibility of the university. NIU has more than 90% non-local students, but few stay in Yilan after graduation. National Ilan University starts with the curriculum design to guide students to understand their surrounding environment. Starting from the class called “Exploring Yilan: An Introduction to Yilanology,” the university designed advanced courses, from basic to deep, from single to diversified. With a deep understanding of Yilan, students are expected to realize that they love Yilan. In addition, National Ilan University cultivates in diversified industries through youth innovation, so that if students have the opportunity after graduation, they will be willing to stay and work hard in this land.

National Ilan University continues to reform in school affairs and actively strives for the recognition of Yilan by all walks of life. President Wu shared a quote when the master of literature from Yilan, Huang Chunming, who won the Yilan Cultural Award. “There is no glory that could be compared with the recognition by our hometown.” Localization is the foundation of internationalization. National Ilan University will need a deeper link between youth entrepreneurship and the local area, and this wonderful achievement will be seen by the world!
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