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[2021-9-2] National Ilan University’s Online Summer Campus “2021 STEAM Educational Game Programming: Defeating the Devil Virus” Was Rounded Off
The pandemic has suspended all physical activities. Its aim is to encourage elementary and junior high school students to study independently during the pandemic prevention period during the summer break. The five-week online summer camp "2021 STEAM Educational Game Programming: Defeating the Devil Virus" was organized by Ministry of Education (Information and Technological Education Bureau) and co-organized by "Digital Learning Partner Project Team" led by Prof. Chih-Ming Chu (朱志明教授) from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Ilan University. This online campus has been successfully ended after the online graduation ceremony held from August 25 to 26, 2021. With the theme of COVID-19, this online summer camp let students use Scratch to design the game program "Defeating the Devil Virus", using the group timing competition method to achieve the goal of educational entertaining. At the same time, multiple courses are used to enhance learning motivation and interest.

There were 148 participants of students from nationwide elementary and junior high schools. With a total of more than 1,400 hours/person synchronized online learning hours, the joint efforts of National Ilan University’s teachers and students were made to complete an educational and prospective project. The online performance presentation lasted for two days and was divided into four sessions. Mr. Po-Chen Kuo (the Director of Information and Technological Education Bureau), Prof. Hsin-Yun Lee (Vice President of National Ilan University), Prof. Yun-Chiung Chang (The Provost), Prof. Hua-Wei Chen (the Vice Provost) and Prof. Chih-Hsien Hsia (the head of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering) all participated in online graduation to encourage the students. The graduation included the rewind of learning process video, performance presentation, issuing graduation certification and other learning awards, and the warm-hearted learning experience shared by students. Everyone was fascinated by the rich and interesting learning experiences and claimed that they hope to join the follow-up related activities in the near future.
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