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[2021-10-04] Innovation & Incubation Center of NIU collaborating with Hoyao Biotech Corporation
Hoyao Biotech Corporation, specializing in seeding quality control technology research and development as well as large-scale cultivation of Taiwanese regional herbal medicines, is a manufacturer coached by Innovation Incubation Center, NIU. Developing so far, Hoyao specializes in commercial production of Panlong Ginseng. They have indoor automatic environmental control plant set up in Yilan Science Park. They use this innovative agricultural technology to move Panlong Ginseng, which was originally grown in the wild, into indoor environment. The company aims at sustainable agriculture development along with the formation of a domestic biotech agricultural industry chain.

Hong-Yuan Shi and Hui-Wen Xie, the two founders of Hoyao Biotech Corporation, using the logical thinking model of western medicine through the combination of agriculture and molecular biotechnology, optimized plant cultivation methods and improved the research and development of extraction and separation technology. The key skin health components of Panlong Ginseng were extracted to improve the contents of flavonoids(黃酮類) and total polyphenols(總多酚), effectively retaining the exclusive key essence of Panlong Ginseng. It can relieve skin problems, protect the skin, and become more in line with the international health care raw material specifications.

In addition to the production of the unique Spiranthes sinensis seeds and health care materials, they also provide healthy seeds of Chinese herbal medicines or cash crops. They utilize the technical verification mechanism of featured crops to solve crop problems, which are applied in biomedical and health care products. They also provide a series of service items, including customized products and extraction technology, to healthcare market buyers. Finally, they employ scientific expertise to meet the needs of downstream customers.

Moreover, Innovation & Incubation Center of NIU matches the professors of NIU to offer expertise to Hoyao Biotech Corporation, implementing industry-academia cooperation, acquiring the government grants, and setting up chains with the local farmers in Yilan through the University’s platform. Steadily developing the regional market, NIU has also became a comrade with Hoyao Biotech Corporation in the course of the entrepreneurship.
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