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[2021-10-06] Sustainable Forestry Management: Luodong Forestry Bureau Exhibition of "Domestic Wood and Bamboo Circular Economy Production"
The growth of forests needs cyclical renewal. In addition to adequately protecting primeval forests, a reasonable use of artificial forests, a promotion of local production and local sales of domestic wood, are all the essential elements of sustainable forestry management.

The "Domestic Wood and Bamboo Circular Economy Production Exhibition" jointly organized by the Luodong Forest District Office, National Ilan University(NIU) and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology(NPUST) was held at the Luodong Forest District Office on October 6th . The exhibition includes forestry professional seminars and displays of the results from each manufacturer and school.

Professor Hao-fan Lan and others gave lectures on wood and bamboo resources, circular economy, green building, and domestic timber utilization. There were also exhibits and on-site observations by teachers and students from NPUST, NIU, Kunjin Industrial Co., Ltd., Kunyi Industrial Co., Ltd., and Jingdian Boutique Furniture Hall. Through the event, people can experience the beauty of "safety," "health," "comfort," and "aesthetics" of wood materials used in engineering, musical instruments, life, and cultural creation.

Luodong Forestry Culture Park indicates that Taiwan has rich forest resources, and it also encourages people to support and purchase the products labeled with "the identification mark of domestic wood and bamboo" to reduce Carbon Footprint of using woods and join the eco-friendly purchasing.
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