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[2021-10-07] “Start-Up Alliance” of Yilan County Government Recruiting the Start-up Teams to the Entrepreneurship Exhibition
The Yilan County Government has formed a “Start-Up Alliance.” It offers practical guidance on how to set up a business and establishes a Yilan Thematic Museum. Moreover, Yilan County government will lead the Yilan Thematic Museum to participate in the “2021 Meet Taipei Start-up Exhibition.”

Today, the government arranges the orientation. In addition to the new groups in Start-Up Alliance, they invited ten local teams in Yilan participating this exhibition together. They are ready to show that Yilan has the great start-up strength to take the lead.

Yilan County Mayor Zi-Miao, Lin said that the enthusiasm and creativity of entrepreneurs in Yilan County are the driving force behind the advancement of the overall industry. In order to expand the capacity of services, Yilan County Government in September 2020 incorporated the Lanqingting Yilan Park of Hsinchu Science Park Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Ilan University Innovation & Incubation Centre and Fo Guang University Innovation & Incubation Centre, to form the "Entrepreneurship Alliance" to excavate and foster outstanding young talents from different industries in Yilan. This year, through participating in the "2021 Meet Taipei Start-up Exhibition", the "Yilan Theme Pavilion" will be presented to allow the external world to see the characteristics and strength of the Yilan team.

Shu-Chu Chen, deputy director of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, stated that the Yilan Science Park has been successful in nurturing new and innovative industries. In the past 2 years, the turnover of the stationed team has grown by more than 40%. It fully demonstrated the dynamic energy of innovation and entrepreneurship in Yilan area. The number of incoming factories in the first phase has reached 93%, and the second phase is about to be completed in November this year. They are very welcoming Yilan start-ups to join the Lanqingting to develop the regional technology industry of Yilan.

Prof. Hsinyun Lee, Vice-President of National Ilan University, pointed out that the four departments of the county government’s “Entrepreneurship Alliance” are involved in various fields of innovation and education expertise. National Ilan University can provide academic research and the industrial application technology transfer cooperation. Through the cooperation model of county government’s “Entrepreneurship Alliance”, the relevant newly established teams could be able to connect more quickly with the service resources. Prof. Zhuofei He, President of Fo Guang University, mentioned that the county government’s “Entrepreneurship Alliance” can be regarded as a characteristic cooperation model that integrates central and local government, higher education, interdisciplinary resources and jointly supports of innovative industries in Yilan. The Innovation & Incubation centre of Fo Guang University received various supporting resources in the relevant fields, such as communication and marketing, social science, health and wellness, which assisted the start-up teams to break through difficulties.

According to the Labour Department of Yilan County Government, the “2021 Meet Taipei Start-up Exhibition” will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre Hall N. 2 for three days from November 18th to 20th. The County Government’s “Entrepreneurship Alliance” participated in the exhibition by “Yilan Theme Pavilion, hoping to expand the visibility of the innovation and application of relevant industries, and stimulate interdisciplinary exchanges among Yilan’s start-up teams, and outstanding domestic and foreign start-ups.

The Labour Department points that the registration period for the Yilan Theme Pavilion is from now until October 20th. They welcome the applicants from the main business of 5G communications, IOT, AI smart applications, big data applications, somatosensory technology, medical health, mobile wisdom, financial technology, agricultural technology, education technology, education innovation, tourism services, art and cultural and innovative application industry. There are 10 companies expected to get recruited. And the selected teams will be eligible to participate in the Yilan Theme Pavilion for free.

Please check the latest news on the official website of the Labour Department for details on the selection method and registration method(link: .If you have any questions, or want to know more about the county government’s youth entrepreneurship counselling service, please contact the Youth Affairs Department: (03)935-9337

For more event information, please pay close attention to Yilan Youth Exchange Centre FB:
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