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[2021-9-28]"Economic Daily News": The Result of 2021 National Aquatic Products Creative Baking Competition is Out; NIU Achieved Success
The "2021 National Aquatic Products Creative Baking Competition" was held few days ago at the Nanzi Campus of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST). This year, the competition was combined with Kaohsiung's quality aquatic materials, and was oriented to senior-friendly theme. After 5 hours of live production, quiches, sandwiches, and creative afternoon tea snacks were completed. The final winner was the "Fish Township Trilogy" from the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, and the second place went to National Ilan University (NIU), which came from afar, and the third place was taken by Nan-Ying Vocational High School in Tainan, which also won the Uni-President Enterprise Special Award.

In "2021 National Aquatic Products Creative Baking Competition," "Fish Township Trilogy" of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) won the championship with the creative use of Li Shen's poem “Sympathy for the Peasants.”

2021 National Aquatic Products Creative Baking Competition would not be classified, students in vocational high school and college teamed up to compete together. Eight teams were qualified into the finals from seventeen teams in the first round at the competition in the beginning of this year, including National Kangshan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational Senior High School, National Cishan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational Senior High School, Tainan Nan Ying Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational School (NYVS), National Suao Marine & Fisheries Vocational High School, National Ilan University, Hungkuang University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. The judging panel was served by external professional reviewers.

Among all the teams, NKUST team’s three masterpieces employed Mr. Shen Lee’s poem “Sympathy for the Peasants” for creative application. Particularly, one of their dessert “Each Grain Was Hard-earned” was full of creativity and connection, which attracted two of the judges to heated discussion, including Ms. Li-Fang Hunag, a chef of Pasadena, and Ms. Hsiao-fen Su, a chef of Chi-Mei Food.

The competition was sponsored by the U.S. Wheat Associates; Kaohsiung bakery industry boutique Pasadena sponsored the first prize of NT$10,000; Yung An Fishermen’s Association sponsored aquatic products; flour materials were sponsored by Uni-President, and oil materials were sponsored by President Nisshin.

Po-Yuan Chen, director of the U.S. Wheat Association, said that there was up to 80% of Taiwan’s imported wheat comes from production areas of the US, and Taiwan’s food taste is representative so that the association attaches great importance to the market in Taiwan. Dean Shu-Ling Hsieh of NKUST, co-host of the Ministry Of Education’s USR Project "Coastal Creation, Diamond-like Fish Village—Kaohsiung Yung An Fishing Village Practical Project," said that the competition was set for the senior-friendly baking, reflecting that the social structure has changed dietary consumption, and aquatic products with the high-quality protein are suitable for the elderly diets.

The second team from National Ilan University, “Silver Mountain& Pleasant Yilan Ocean”, took many materials and spices commonly used in the traditional diet of the older generations, attempting to evoke the old memories for creating a more abundant eating experience.

Prof. Zhi-Yao Hou said that the top three in the competition are allowed to give the proposal in the Uni-President Enterprises Corporation. It was definitely a precious experience that the students can implement from product design to the challenge of actual mass production.

The use of flour mixed with rice flour or other grains to lower the GI value (glycemic index) could be seen from this year’s competition works. Also, the uses of local ingredients in Taiwan could serve to awaken the retro flavor and childhood memory. These are two strategies that students often take in their creation, including cherry blossom shrimp, sweet potato, purple potato, mochi, quinoa and so on. In the aspect of using fish ingredients, for one thing, it is a good source of protein for the elder. For another, the techniques for processed food can be a considerable challenge in the competition. However, there were also many competition works full of commercia potentials, which made the judges quite amazed.
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