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[2021-10-27] The Department of Electronic Engineering of NIU Won the Second Place in Smart Machines and the First Place in Special Enterprise Award in Nationwide University Smart Innovative and Interdisciplinary Integration Creation Competition
Yan-long Huang, Wei-zhi Chen, Jia-jun Zhuang, students from the Department of Electronic Engineering of National Ilan University, formed a robot team. Instructed by Prof. Huang-cheng Wang, they completed the work — Smart and Quick/Zhijie(智捷) Scavenger Robot by combining the professional skills of Electronics, Machinery, and Information. The team delved into the classification and identification of the garbage, integrating the robotic arm as well as the wheel-shaped mobile system to achieve the goals of moving rapidly to the target’s location and snatching the target. The systems use the MobileNetv2, which resorts on the artificial intelligence, as the method of trash identification. As for the body part, they use the 3D printing and the laser cutting design to make the “Rocker Bogie” as the structure of the wheel-shaped mobile system so that all the wheels can touch the ground on undulating terrain. Compared with general sweeping robots, the Smart and quick/Zhijie Scavenger Robot can take away larger wastes. And the gripper can be alternative depending on the requirements of the performed task to achieve the goal of adapting to multi-tasking and different terrain environments.

The three students on the team gave full play to what they had learned, using various software and hardware tools, and working diligently to complete their works. After rigorous testing, they signed up to participate in Nationwide University Smart Innovative and Interdisciplinary Integration Creation Competition, and won the second place in Smart Machines, and the first place in Special Enterprise Award — Service-oriented Robot Alliance, winning glory for both the school and the Department of Electronic Engineering. It is particularly worth mentioning that the Special enterprise award is added for the first time this year, and it is a great honor for the team to be the winner.

Nationwide University Smart Innovative and Interdisciplinary Integration Creation Competition was a combination of two major competitions which was held by the Ministry of Education — the National Institutions of Higher Education Software Creation Competition and National Institutions of Higher Education Microcomputer Application Design and Creation Competition. Besides, it is an important competition that is highly valued by schools and attracts many teams every year. The competition was divided into five subjects and held in two stages.
(1) Document review preliminary round: The judges would judge the teams based on their proposal, system requirements and a 3-minute video presentation.
(2) Final round of field test evaluation: Teams who have passed the preliminary round would be required to submit their design test documents before the field test evaluation, and to demonstrate the system and answer questions at the final round

The selection process was very rigorous. It was arduous for the NIU Department of Electronic Engineering team to overcome multiple technical difficulties and stand out among the many participating teams. The Department of Electronic Engineering focused on three main development areas of "Intelligent Internet of Things", "Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Design" and "Communications and Signal Processing," attaching importance to the combination of theory and practice. Moreover, the Department of Electronic Engineering has made the Special Project a mandatory course, hoping that students can gain valuable experience from the practice. This time, the students were shining in an important competition, which proved that the education goal of the department to cultivate electronic talents with academic foundation and practical operation ability is fully realized.
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