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[2021-10-13] Utilization of Economic Household Paper Creates more Space for Imagination
The COVID-19 pandemic leads to the stay-at-home economy, which has already become an unstoppable trend in the future. In the era that everyone shops online, the number of cartons used for transportation is increasing every year. These cardboards can be transformed into practical small furniture. We do this not only to make the life of the cardboard box more extended, but also give children more imagination and creative play space. With this idea, NIU has decided to join hands with Sanxing Manufacturing Future Holiday School, the paper industry's Taisin Honeycomb Corporation, and the wood industry's Jing Dian Corporation, working together to create more cabinets for the children of disadvantaged families in Yilan. A donation ceremony was held on the first floor of the Jing De Building of NIU this afternoon (October 13th), and President Dr. Po-Ching Wu personally donated bookcases to Sanxing Manufacturing Future Holiday School. Sanxing manufacturing future holiday school representative Hui-Zhi Zhang received a gift. He hopes that each children with limited resources can also have a locker of his own to help those disadvantaged students find a sense of belonging in the future school.

The paper bookcase was created by Zhi-Jie Zhang, the person in charge of Taishin Industry Co., Ltd., and Assistant Prof. Pei-Yu Guo, a teacher from National Ilan University. On October 6th and October 13th, 2021, two paper bookcase making workshops will lead students from National Ilan University to help assemble and make a prototype of 15-seat paper bookcase. They use the domestic materials provided by Jing Dian Wood to make exclusive brand names, and let every student of Sanxing manufacturing future holiday school have a storage space of their own. The students of National Ilan University are encouraged to implement their social responsibilities and deepen the connection with local society.

Using recycled paper can let children understand the concept of cherishing resources and sustainable environment. At the same time, combining with the topic of domestic wood, students can understand that Department of Forestry has actively promoted domestic wood since 2017. Using certified domestic wood is the first step to showing the responsibility for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs). President Dr. Po-Ching Wu said that National Ilan University has actively promoted the common good and prosperity between the University and the community in the recent years. And in this year, NIU has started promoting the "minority school" with the industry, junior and elementary schools. We hope that through the efforts of the three parties, students can apply what they have learned and repay them to society, so that the public can understand how NIU students actively participate in public affairs and social services.
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