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[2021-10-21] The Students of National Ilan University Become Technology Educators and a New Force to Help Children Learn Programming through Playing Games
Small schools with less than 12 classes in Yilan County account for 60%. Due to the limited number of teachers, it is difficult to distribute teachers with scientific and technological expertise to the schools. The Yilan County Government cooperate with National Ilan University to prepare audio-visual teaching materials for basic programming courses. Students from Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Ilan University teach children to make shooting games from scratch to understand the basic concepts of programming.

Yilan County Government Education Department developed an audio-visual teaching material called "12 basic courses for elementary schools" and cooperate with Chih-Ming Chu, Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Ilan University. The aim is to train the university students from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to guide the senior students of remote elementary school. By learning the programming tool called “Scratch” through audio-visual teaching materials, students completed the shooting game of "Fighting Wuhan Pneumonia", and master the basic concepts of program operation.

The Education Department stated that with social changes the syllabus for the 108th academic year includes the content of technology. The basic literacy of students in technology has become more important. However, the number of teachers in small schools is limited, and there may not sufficient teachers with technology expertise. Therefore, through cooperation with National Ilan University (NIU), we can cultivate new forces in technology education and become supporting teachers for small schools.

The course is first launched at Jhuang-Wei Elementary School. The Education Department said that they are currently consulting 13 other small schools. If the course goes on smoothly, the audio-visual teaching materials might be expanded.

For example, the fifth-grade students first learn to design a beginner shooting game, and the sixth grade students design an advanced version of the pinball game. Zi-Miao Lin, the County Mayor of Yilan, said that this kind of cooperation not only allows students in rural primary schools to receive science and technology education, but also cultivates local scientific and technological talents for Yilan County Junior High Schools, High Schools, Universities, and Yilan Science Park.
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