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[2021-10-18] 2021 TIE Taiwan Innovation Technology Exhibition
This year is a special year. The Covid-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the world. The "2021 TIE Taiwan Innovative Technology Exhibition" combines physical and virtual display for the first time. The physical exhibition will be held from October 14th to 16th at Taipei World Trade Centre; the online one is held until October 23rd.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, jointly created the "Taiwan Innovative Technology Expo-Future Science and Technology Museum". The theme of the exhibition focuses on the research results of the fields of precise health ecosystems, electronics, optics, applications of AI and AIoT, digital transformation, space technology, and innovative materials etc. The multi-focused technology context, which strengthen the effects of online display during the exhibition. Moreover, they create an interactive marketing field by using audio guidance services, instant consultation, and conference appointment. There are digital tracks of the potential clients in the database. It helps the visitors preview the site planning and produce the trending topics on the online social media.
Professor Hui-huang Chen from the Department of Food Science of National Ilan University showcased the technology of "the method of preparing a time-temperature sensor using electrospinning technology for immobilization of enzymes." The enzyme-type time-temperature sensor is temperature-dependent and has the reversibility of temperature fluctuation activity. It serves as a quality control indicator technology for cumulative temperature and time information.

The electrospun nanofiber membrane has the features of high accuracy and stability, temperature reversibility, and low cost to make an enzyme carrier, which is widely used in food production, logistics management, vendors, and consumers. The color change of the enzymatic time-temperature sensor detects changes in food quality and strengthens food safety. This research and development technology has now obtained a patent (Invention No. I 715282), and customized products can be designed according to the needs of the industry. Those dealers who are interested in this technology are welcome to contact with NIU's Office of Research and Development for technical consultation and matching.
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