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[2021-11-9] Yilan Plain's Light Warms the World
Energy issues and energy-saving strategies have always been significant for Taiwan’s development; these are also a crucial phase of the “green energy technology” in “Taiwan’s 5+2 industrial innovation plan”. The technical aspect includes the installation of smart green energy, the research and development of green building materials and the reduction of carbon footprint. However, the development of technology and science often needs to be materialized in the educational aspect in order that the children’s knoweldge can keep up with the the times. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Yilan County promotes the 110th -year-of-republic Yilan County Energy Education Project to sponsor Xin-Sheng Elementary School, San-Xing Junior High School, Wu-Sha Junior High School, Zhong-Xing Elementary School in Yilan county and collaborates with National Ilan University to help the green energy development of high and elementary schools.

This cooperation was jointly called to action by Assistant Professor Pei Yu Guo of Ilan University and President Hui Zhi Zhang of San-Xing Junior High. They planned to bring the university’s technology to elementary and junior high schools in an approachable way and assist them in technical support. Wu-Sha Junior High and Zhong-Xing Elementary School both lead children to experience the practicality of energy education through Holiday School; San-Xing Junior High has also made education online. Thus, this project can not only benefit 300 students in the county, but also provides all teachers and students in the county to study together online, which is in line with the learning methods in the post-epidemic era of the future. National Yilan University uses the method of statistical analysis to help students understand their learning states in the courses. This provides the blueprint for energy education in Yilan County. NIU hopes that is not only to integrate the teaching resources of the university into the elementary school, but also to offer a model of pedagogy for all educators.

Through the presentation on the 9th of November, NIU incorporated the display of teaching aids, the broadcast of project videos, the analysis and presentation of student learning data, etc.. They also invited people who are concerned about elementary and secondary education to join in the grand event, such as the county councillors Shu-Ru Zhuang, and Ding-He Huang, Mrs. Ou-Po Chen, Zhi-Xin Chen, the Secretary of the county mayor, Qingfeng Chen, the Secretary of Yilan City Office, Xin-Yi Tang the Commissioner of the State Affairs Section of the Education Department et cetera.
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