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[2021-11-8] Prof. Kai-Long Lin of Department of Environmental Engineering Won the Prize in Environmental Protection
The Environmental Protection Department held the award ceremony of "Environmental Protection Professional Medal" today (on 8th) to commend professional elites who have made achievements in environmental research, practices, and publicity. In addition to affirming their contributions, they also hope they will become environmental leaders to guide more people to work for the environment.

The "Professional Medal for Environmental Protection" is awarded every two years to commend people who have contributed to the promotion of environmental protection in our country. It is regarded as the Nobel Prize in the environmental protection industry. This year, there are nine people in four categories, including academic, administrative, practical and honor categories. The four winners who got the first prize are important leaders of environmental protection life. Whether it is academic research, environmental education implementation or environmental protection policy promotion, it affects the important course of our country's environmental protection; and the winners of the second and third prizes, the implementation of environmental protection in life is also admirable.

Mr. Zi-Jing Zhang, Director of the Environmental Protection Administration, said that the awardees have made outstanding achievements in environmental protection in their respective fields. Through praise, in addition to affirming their contributions to environmental protection, they also hope that they take the role to lead everyone and enable more people to learn.

Prof. Kai-Long Lin, a distinguished professor of the Department of Environmental Engineering, National Ilan University(NIU), was awarded the first prize in the academic category this year. He researches and locks waste materialization technology. He is committed to promoting the "cradle to cradle" concept of resource recycling, not only implementing research and technology in the industry but also achieving the realm of sustainable environmental development.

Ms. Xiu-Ju Zeng, Section Chief of P.E. & Hygiene of the Taichung private Xiaoming female senior high school, won the second prize in the practice category. She has been promoting campus environmental education for a long time, and planting native plants on campus, adding ecological ponds, increasing campus biodiversity, and serving as a teaching field for environmental education area. She has devoted to inspiring teachers with a sense of environmental education mission to form a teacher community, improving teachers' environmental literacy through community training and discussion, and developing the cross-disciplinary friendly environment and infiltration teaching plans.

President Chong-Ming Lin of South China University was awarded the honorary category of environmental protection professional medal. President Lin has advocated environmental protection for more than 40 years. With "environmental sustainability and spiritual environmental protection" as his lifelong mission. Nanhua University built a "sustainable center" to implement the concept of environmental sustainability.

Mr. Guei-Sin Shyu, the executive director of the Taipei City Chi Sing Eco-conservation Foundation, won the third prize in the practice category. He is committed to driving the connections of the community and the school, and preparing environmental protection books and publicity materials for use by schools at all levels. Her contributions follow as: Promoting eco-tourism and environmental education, green consulting volunteer service group training programs, integrating multi-intellectual learning programs, promoting eco-environmental guides and commentary services in 130 trails in the suburbs of Taipei City, and cooperatingwith the Old Tianmu Hiking Trail ecological compilation.
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