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[2021-11-26] Economy Daily News Report: Technology from Ilan University Incubation Centre Bringing Up BASe's Pet Products


BASe Pet Food Co., Ltd. (BASe Pet), which focuses on the research and development of healthy pet food and customized pet food formulas, is a firm under incubation of the National Ilan University Incubation Centre. It cooperates with Ilan University and utilizes the exclusive solid-state fermentation technology, combining the antibacterial peptides from Bacillus fermented products with meat powder and composite probiotics to develop health-care functional snacks and probiotics for pets, which can effectively improve the palatability of pet health foods, make them acceptable for pets, reduce the difficulty of feeding, and effectively relieve pets’ intestinal discomfort.

"All we want is that our pets to stay healthy with us until the very last day." This is the initial intention of the founder of BASe. However, under the current circumstances which chemicals flooded in food market, the simple starting point seems to be difficult for the owner to choose safe food for their pets. BASe combines the fundamental healthiness, with the delightful nature of pet snacks, to make dietary supplement no longer hard to feed, and healthiness to be obtained at the same time.

According to the industry, the pet functional snacks are developed by adding human-food-grade raw materials into natural food ingredients. The effective amount for pet are to be calculated meticulously and precisely. Moreover, the functional snacks emphasize several principles, including no preservatives, no artificial dyes, no artificial flavourings, using qualified food sources and ensuring the total plate count of snacks does conform to the standard. Pet owners are able to choose the most suitable snacks for their pets base on their health conditions, without having to worry about the safety of food materials.

In addition to the research and development production of functional snacks for pets, BASe Pets has successfully obtained government subsidy resources through the guidance and matching of the National Ilan University Innovation and Development Center.  For example, the MOE’s U-start Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project accelerates the development and sales of functional snacks; Yilan County Government’s SBIR project, together with professional teachers from NIU and National Taiwan University, jointly developed "Furry Probiotics". It has been tested by hundreds of cats and dogs and has good palatability and high pet acceptance. It is effective in relieving intestinal discomfort and reducing odour. The Eastern Micro-Entrepreneurship Project has developed a number of development projects such as functional cat soup cans, and continued to match BASe Pets with Yilan's many local manufacturers to provide customized services. A local production chain has been constructed to inject fresh energy into Yilan's newly-established resources.








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