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[2021-11-26] CTS Report: Bees Collecting Honey from the Sugar Pot of an Old Rice Dumping Stall, Expert Explains the Reason Behind

People would like to warm themselves up with a sweet bowl of red bean glutinous rice balls in a cold winter. In a 50-year-old glutinous rice ball store in Luodong, Yilan, apart from customers, it also attracted swarms of bees to gather in the stall’s syrup pot, in search for food. This happened in this stall 5 years ago. A professor estimated that this is because of the recent unceasing rain in Yilan, causing drops in temperature. Bees hence tend to look for a warmer source of nectar nearby their hive.

Glutinous rice balls in a bowl of sweet rich soup, almost a synonym of warmness in winter. However, a 50-year-old glutinous rice dumpling shop in Luodong attracts not only sweet tooths, but also a swarm of bees. The owner, Ms. Chen, said "there are almost hustles every time we scoop the syrup". Lifting up the lid of the syrup pot, one can see those tiny yellow guests crowding, collecting honey on the pot gauze.


This isn’t new to the first time for the glutinous rice ball; the bees started to visit 5 years ago. Chen Yi-ling, professor from Department of Biological Resources said, "Bees tend to look for honey source which is sheltered from rain, where the temperature is warm. A worker bee must have discovered this ‘artificial honey source’, and the message spread within the hive."


The bees, of course, linger in the stall apart from the syrup pot. Regarding the joining of the bees, the keeper and customers remained rather calm, as the dining and the business go on. “You won’t get stung unless there is physical contact with the bees”, said Ms. Chen, the owner of the stall. Though it is a harmonious vignette to be appreciated, one has to be careful not to cause any unwanted trouble.


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