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[2021-12-14] Economic Daily News Report: NIU Innovation Incubation Center Assists TransformBiz to thrive on Heat Dissipation Technology for Industrial Computers

Economic Daily News / Qim-Ing Huang

TransformBiz, which entered the NIU Innovation Incubation Center (IIIC) in 2017, focuses on providing diverse thermal solutions ODM. From the thermal material development, mechanism design matching, thermal simulation, cooperative process integration, assembly and testing, to the actual mass production, it helps its customers to be competitive in terms of efficiency, anti-heat, and marketing. TransformBiz uses the latest graphene material technology to develop graphene with an average layer of 3-5 layers and an average particle size of more than 30um, combined with Japanese functional materials, developed a series of high heat dissipation graphene composite materials. Through the counseling of Ilan University Innovation Incubation Center and matching of resources within the school, this technology was also awarded the 2017 and 2018 Central SBIR Program of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Taking the industrial computer market as an example, the current industry’s fanless applications take CPUs that use 35 watts as the marking. The CPUs uses 35 watts and below can be made fanless; and fans must be added if they exceed 35 watts. TransformBiz’s product, in addition to reduce the thermal resistance of the overall mechanism, also greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of the chassis, hence increase the 35-watt mark to 71 watts in one fell swoop. In other words, with industrial computers below 71 watts, fans can be omitted, while the customers' needs for high performance can still be met. The original machine under 35 watts can be reduced the volume by more than a half, making the machine lighter and thinner.

The heat dissipation solution introduced by TransformBiz can reach a “3x20” at once, that is, "efficiency increase by 20%", "temperature improvement by 20%", "energy-saving by 20%", and it can even improve the case temperature at the same time. Moreover, TransformBiz also works on the integration and optimization of the technologies in the related industrial chain of production, to achieve a standardized mass production of the product. It is known that TransformBiz has served several industrial computer companies, and the feedback from customers’ end is quite satisfactory.

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