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[2021-12-16] Achievement Updates: From Animal Healthcare to Smart Agriculture

Despite COVID-19 haunting the world, the National Ilan University Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) still made cooperation with the partners of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) “New Industry Alliance”, exhibiting 6 industry-academic collaborative achievements in “Taiwan Smart Agriweek” this year. The works includes:

1. Cathelicidin Fabrication by Bacillus in R&D of Livestock & Companion Animal Dietary Supplement (芽孢桿菌產製抗菌肽於畜禽與伴侶動物保健品開發)

2. Development and Implementation of Poultry House Robot Cruising Robots (禽舍巡航機器人之開發與應用)”

3. Chicken Coop IoT Environmental Control & Feeding Management System (平飼肉雞禽舍IoT環控暨飼養管理系統)

4. Multi-field Laying House and Egg Washery Big Data Analysis Feedback System (多場域蛋雞舍與洗選廠大數據分析回饋系統)

5. Egg Packaging Flexibility Stack Handling System (雞蛋包裝廠彈性疊棧搬運系統)

6. Drone in Smart Agriculture Application (無人機於智慧農業應用)


According to President Po-Ching Wu, NIU was founded upon agriculture. Given that the development of agriculture has to keep pace with times, one of the most important task to date is to combine traditional agriculture and animal husbandry with modern technology and tools -- such as Information and Communication Tech.(ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data (Big Data) analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), unmanned aerial vehicle system and others -- to establish a cross-domain development or a vertical integration. The theme of the exhibition focuses on "Intelligent Farming and animal husbandry health", paving the ways for non-resistant breeding, upgrading the industry and mending labor shortage.


"Cathelicidin Fabrication by Bacillus in R&D of Livestock & Companion Animal Dietary Supplement" is a biotechnology application led by Professor Yong-Xiang, Zheng's research team in the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, to produce antimicrobial peptides through a unique bacillus solid state fermentation technology with high temperature and pH stability. It has been tested in pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and mice to verify its effect of preventing infections and intestinal inflammation-related diseases.


 Professor of Yi-Chih, Chiu and Professor An-Pang Cherng, along with the team members, carried out a cross-domain integration of engineering technology for the "development and application of poultry house cruising robots”, developed and manufactured robots equipped with ultra-high broadband (UWB) in-door positioning system. The robots can portal back and forth on the soft litter of the chicken coop. Its function includes birds’ disturbances detection, photography, ultrasonic or laser obstacle avoidance, measurement of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide proportion, and wind speed. It prompts the chickens from idleness, and provides live condition feedback of the chicken houses’ environment and chickens’ healthiness. Hence optimizing the breeding environment, improving health care for animals.

As for the “Chicken Coop IoT Environmental Control & Feeding Management System (平飼肉雞禽舍IoT環控暨飼養管理系統)”, “Multi-field Laying House and Washery Big Data Analysis Feedback System (多場域蛋雞舍與洗選廠大數據分析回饋系統)”, “Egg‑plant Flexibility Stack Handling System (雞蛋包裝廠彈性疊棧搬運系統)”, they are achievements of Lecturer Ming-Yi Chang (張明毅) and his team from Biomechatronic Engineering. Those systems improve the feeding management and the efficiency of egg grading; reduce personnel workload, assist in application of the smart analysis.  


NIU established the "UAV Application Research Center" on January 7, 2020. It is located in the UAV Experimental Flight Field at Chengnan Campus. It is the first multi-purpose UAV flight field in eastern Taiwan that combines applied research and talent education. Including a fixed-wing aircraft and a rotor plane flight field, it is one of the technique test sites for controlling drones of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. In addition to the "Drone Application Program" and the "Master’s Degree Program of Drone in Smart Agriculture Application" offered by the College of Bioresources offered by the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the center also occasionally holds classes for drone operation, license test, and technology application. The current technological course in "UAV in Smart Agriculture Application" include estimation of crop yield, health and moist status of crops, adverse area assessment, forest timber count and stand volume estimation, forest health status assessment, and disaster damage area calculation.



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