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[2022-01-12] CTS NEWS report: Makauy Yield in Decline due to Climate Change, NIU Carries Out Restoration Project to Help.


The amount of makauy (Litsea cubeba), a traditional spice of indigenous people,is gradually declining due to climate change and being collected in large quantities for a wildplant as it is. Therefore, NIU specifically cooperates with the Agricultural Research and Extension Station to carry out a makauy restoration program at its place of origin.


President Wu of Ilan University mentioned, “The chemical composition of makauy and its essential oil are valuable to human healthcare or related process.”


Yilan is the largest producing area of makauy, and Ilan University shoulders the local responsibility to carry out the work of makauy rehabilitation and to prosper the local industry. The makauy has a low rate of gernimation; after more than two years of hard work, Ilan University and the Agricultural Research and Extension Station have successfully rehabilitated makauy. The first batch of results has been distributed to the Lung-Pi tribe in Datong Township for the plantation. Additionally, there is also a plan to promote the technics to the international market to elevate the value  of Taiwan's agricultural products.


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