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[2022-01-05] Lian He News: Zhong-Hsin Building of National Ilan University Engages with the Community to Promote Ecological Education

The Zhong-Hsin Building, located in the Da-Jiaoxi experimental forest of National Ilan University, was originally a building used for academic practice. Recently the University has decided to revitalize the building. It would be open to the public in the future and combine with the community. Given that it is close to the famous attraction Sancengping, it would be focus on holding ecological camps, introducing the plentiful natural landscape around the area to the public.

Zhong-Hsin building, built in 1968, is a three-storey building. It serves mainly for the research and teaching of the Department of Forestry and Natural Recourses and is rarely open to the public. However, due to the rising awareness of ecological protection, NIU intends to revitalize the building for wider use.

The Zhong-Hsin building is equipped with a dining room with kitchen, public washroom, dormitory, and three suites. With the ecological abundance od the experimental forest and the scenery of the Sancengping, it could serve for leisure and educational purpose.

After the opening of the experimental forest and Zhong-Hsin Building in future to public, it would be an in-depth tour of the mountains and scenery for people and students.





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