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United Daily News report: The only one in Taiwan, NIU's course provides NT$390,000 student grant over 4 years of study

United Daily News report: The only one in Taiwan, NIU's course provides NT$390,000 student grant over 4 years of study.


National Ilan University is currently enrolling students for a bachelor’s degree program in Intelligent Leisure Agriculture. This course is funded by the Agricultural Committee. Student are not only exempt from tuition and miscellaneous fees for 4 years, but also receiving a living allowance, which adds up to more than NT$390,000 dollars. The program has a quota of 25 students, the registration date is due on March 4th.

National Ilan University offers a publicly-funded Bachelor Program in Intelligent Leisure Agriculture.  Image/provided by readers


Yilan County has the largest number of agro-tourism venue. For the reason being, NIU was selected to launch the publicly-funded program of Leisure Agriculture It is also the only publicly-funded program of Leisure Agriculture in the country. The tuition and miscellaneous fees during the 4-year study period are fully subsidized, saving NT$48,400 dollars each year. There are also living allowances including accommodation, uniforms, and books, etc., which saves NT$66,600 dollars a year. Due to the internship in school-approved agribusiness or their own farm in the fourth year, there is no living allowance in the last college year.


Some people have to work during the daytime, so the class time of the publicly-funded course is from afternoon to evening, Monday to Friday. If necessary, courses will be arranged on Saturday and Sunday. The minimum graduation credits are 128 credits, and a bachelor's degree will be awarded after passing the internship evaluation in the last year. After graduation, one can apply for a financial aid of NT$15,000 to 30,000 per month in the first two years of the agricultural business start-up, for a total of NT$360,000 to NT$720,000 in two years, with no interest and no repayment.


According to NIU, the publicly-funded course of Intelligent Leisure Agriculture of the bachelor’s degree program aims to train professionals in Leisure Agriculture. Employees could have the abilities of eco-friendly agriculture, operation and management, leisure agriculture, and information technology. NIU welcome those who are interested in Leisure Agriculture, regardless of age, occupation, and educational background, as long as they are qualified to apply for the university, to join the bachelor Program of Intelligent Leisure Agriculture courses.


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