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[2022-02-28] NIU · A Hundred Years of Splendor

National Ilan University was established as an agricultural institution in 1926. Ever since it has been transformed into a university from 2003,It built a solid foundation for its close proximity to industry and emphasis on technology. In recent years, NIU has taken the lead in the field of agriculture by combining science and technology, and also developing on intelligent agriculture.


Due to the vigorous development of leisure industry, biotechnology industry, green energy technology, and smart agriculture, National Ilan University has grasped the industrial pulse of Eastern Taiwan in recent years. NIU extends its laboratories and other practice areas to the science park and Lanyang Plain, introduces the most needed advanced technologies into the first line of the industry, and enhances the capacity of teaching and research fields. With the position of "excellent teaching and pragmatic research", students will be equipped with the essential skills and technologies after graduation, and will be able to meet the needs of the industry immediately.

Although National Ilan University is an institution based on agriculture, it has now become a comprehensive university with four colleges, including the College of Humanities and Management, the College of Engineering, the College of Bioresources, and the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. NIU particularly emphasizes cross-domain learning which allows students to combine the diverse development of the expertise of each college.


Taking setting up a leisure farm as an example, students not only need to have a major in agriculture, but also to have knowledge for business and management,  to use information technology as a tool to promote and advertise.. NIU emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, applies expertise from each department, advance with time and industry development, and strengthens the connection between departments/programs and the industry.


In recent years, NIU has established “Bachelor Program of Intelligent Leisure Agriculture’’, “Master program of International Business Communication’’, “Master program of Exercise and Health in Management’’, “Master Program of UAV Application and Intelligent Agriculture’’. In the 111 academic year, NIU set up new programs such as "Master Program of Artificial Intelligence", "Master Program of Big Data Management and Application", which all demonstrate the educational philosophy  of “cross-domain learning" and the emphasis on "target learning".


The Greatness Once More


The development of NIU was bounded by Shennong Campus in the past. During the last few years, "Wu Jie Campus" was opened in 2019, “Chengnan Campus” was obtained in 2017 and is under planning of “College of Innovation and Incubation Center”, which includes the Innovation and Cultivating Base of Young Farmers, the Food Maker Center, and the Innovation and Incubation Center.


NIU is stable and fast-growing. Its teaching studies and student performance are for all to see. On top of a deep emotional connection with the local area, it also strives to connect with various industries across the country.


The vision of this university is to keep putting efforts into the local area and eventually shines on world stage. We strive to be the most crucial university in eastern Taiwan. NIU will never be absent from the industrial development, we will move forward with the industries and the era.


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