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[2022-03-31] The Outstanding Results from the National Contest of Higher Education Student’s Associations


/ The Division of Extracurricular Activities


Three student associations/clubs of our school have participated and has been awarded in this year’s Higher Education Student’s Associations’ National Contest. The three associations have received the prize awards  under title of “Distinction”, “Excellence” and “Annual Best Featured Event” respectively, and have received the commendation at National Central University today (31st Mar.).


This year, a total of 273 associations from 122 colleges and universities have participated in the Higher Education Student’s Associations’ National Contest. The academic club "Qiao Pei Bakery" won an award of “Distinction”, making NIU to have won a consecutively third “Distinction” in this nationwide contest after the voluntary Kang Fu Club won the first two. Meanwhile Haiyun International Folk Dance also won a “Merit” as a recreational club.


For "Qiao Pei Bakery" to achieved such a result for the first time, the members were surprised and thrilled. In spite of so much uncertainty during the pandemic, all the members prepared every activitiey with a positive attitude, without concerning if the actual events could ever be held. They made complete records along the process and presented them for the contest.


Qiao Pei Bakery Club winning a prize of Distinction


"Hai Yun International Folk Dance Club" consists of a group of students who have passion in dancing. To prepare for this contest, they held weekly meetings during the winter break, discussing and tracking the progress. Even in Chinese New Year, they also worked against the clock. They were gratified by this fulfillment and felt that all the hard work has paid off.


Haiyun International Folk Dance Club winning a prize of Merit


The Lima Aboriginal Youth Club won an Award in Best Club Featured Events of the Year for its "A'putr - Animated Achievement Exhibition and Music Dance Night (Our Growth Story, Aboriginal Night)", which A’putr stands for "garland" in Puyuma language. In order to give their best at the exhibition, the aboriginal students, who are from different ethnic groups but share the same passion for aboriginal culture, spent days and extracurricular time rehearsing, preparing, forging their spirits together. The performance not only received a wide recognition from the audience, but also once again aroused the students' acknowledgement and self-confidence in their own aboriginal identity.


Lima Aboriginal Youth Club winning the Best Featured Events of the Year



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