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[2022-05-06] Congratulations! Innovation Incubation Center of NIU Pushes “U-start Yuanyang Program” to Another Success


/ Innovation Incubation Center


The Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education and the Council of Indigenous Peoples jointly implemented the "U-start Yuanyang Program". The plan aims to cultivate aboriginal industrial talents, encourage students to innovate and to create their own business, to build an entrepreneur-friendly environment and to provide ample employment opportunities. Connecting resources from campus and regional counseling support, it guides aboriginal young people to use traditional wisdom and agricultural features, tribal ecology and other native values, strengthen its entrepreneurial ability and innovative energy, carry forward the local cultural values of the natives.



The school's Innovation Incubation Center has actively guided student teams to establish entrepreneurial communities in recent years. It provides students with professional skills and resources related to entrepreneurship such as marketing, access, finance and operations, providing dual-track support on and off the campus for the foundation of entrepreneurship to take root. In recent years, some great achievements have been made mentoring the teams of students.  After “The Bee Troop” in 109 academic year and “Hometown Glory” in 110 academic year being selected as the outstanding team in “U-start Yuanyang Program”, “Hello, Zao'an” and “Aboriginal Fun Tech” both received subsidies for the first phase of the “U-start Yuanyang Program” in 111 academic year.



The team “Hello, Zao'an” is guided by Professor Yi-juan Li from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science of our school. The team focused on seaweed cultivation, by bringing seaweed farming technology back to their hometowns to revitalize the abandoned fishponds in the tribe, with goal to build a seawater version of leisure aquatic plant farm . In addition to economical agriculture, they also launch species of seaweed for tourism and recreational purpose, on top of the supports of varied cultivation technologies. In the future, these will connect with tribal industries to promote different lines of work such as food, education, leisure, and tourism, and hence increase the income and employment opportunities of the aborigines in remote areas. The team “Aboriginal Fun Tech”, advised by Professor Yi-ling Chen from NIU Program of Indigenous Education in College of Bioresources, inserts the reality into their virtual platform. The game is based on the mode of Minecraft, with elements of aboriginal history, traditional skills, tribal beauty, and other images of the aboriginal cultures. In addition to learning the aboriginal culture, players can participate in group battles, explore tribes and tourist online attractions. Meanwhile, the game imparts advertisements of aboriginal-based stores . Throughout the game, it arouses the cultural and ethnic awareness of the young indigenous people; non-indigenous people, on the other hand, can also learn more about their culture. The team stood out from many good teams and won in the first phase of “U-start Yuanyang Program” award of 111 school year.






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