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[2022-05-06] Another Achievement in U-start Start-up Program under Guidance of Innovation Incubation Center


Youth Development Administration of Mistry of Education conducts “U-start Innovative Start-up Program”. The main purpose is to elevate innovative start-up on campus, encouraging higher education to create an environment for nurturing talents with entrepreneurship, and to build up students’ creativity and energy of founding something new.

In recent years, the Innovative Incubation Center of our university has actively assisted the student team to establish an entrepreneurial community. It provides students with professional techniques and guidance of marketing, accessment, finance, and operation, providing a dual-track support to settle the foundation of entrepreneurship. Other measures such as conducting entrepreneurial lectures, financial and legal consultation, planning development proposals, R & D product sales also help to stimulate instances for innovation and entrepreneurship in the team. It enables students to learn with additional feedback, through the process of competition, teacher’s guidance and teamwork.



After the team「Good-looking」received a first-stage grant last year under the guidance of Innovative Incubation Center, another great results has been achieved this year. Congratulations to the 「Yuziqing Workshop」led by Prof. Jui-Min Hsiao of the Department of Applied Economics and Management, which has passed the review of the U-start Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program this year. They will receive 50 thousand dollars prize as a business start-up foundation.



「Yuziqing Workshop」is made of four girls who share the same vision of entrepreneurship. The team's family is involved in the fishing industry and has experienced the boom and bust of the industry. In the line of work, wholesalers often specify the so-called "premium fish products", causing market trouble to other cheap and seasonal fish products, and fishermen can only sell them at very low prices, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand.

Due to the impact of the pandemic in recent years, the "Stay-at-Home Economy" has risen. The team members used their expertise to develop an online display and sales platform by digital marketing. In accord with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, environmental friendly and recyclable materials are used as fish packaging materials to travel the seasonal fresh fish to consumers' homes. Combined with an online fish field guide, the team aims to play their part to advertise the idea of sustainable ocean, promoting a balanced amount of fishing, and jointly protect the precious marine resources. The team was selected from many outstanding teams and earned the first stage award in the group of Innovation Service Award of the 111 Academic Year “U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.


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