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[2022-05-24] An Outstanding Performance of NIU in NUG 2022


/ Sports Education Center


The 2022 National University and College Athletic Games (NUG) is hosted by National Taiwan Sport University and is scheduled to be held in May. Ten athletes were selected to participate in the field following: Athletics (Ouyang Qian-Yu, Chen Yu-Ting, Zhang Jia-Ju, Huang Chun-Zhen, Yang Hui-Ting, Yang Shu), Karate (Zhong Ming-Ru), Badminton (Li Yi-Qin), Fencing (Zhang Wei-Qun) and Judo (Huang Qian-Yun).


The opening ceremony of the NUG began on May 7 and was attended by Deng Zheng-Zhong, director of the Sports Education Center. Coach Liu Zhe-Hong was leading the NIU athletes during the stadium tour. The event closed on May 11.


NIU won a number of places in NUG 2022. Athletics has always been our school's future featured development. We had an excellent grade of 53 seconds in the girl’s 4 x 100 meters’ relay and secured a sixth place. The result has even broken our school's original record of 59.7 seconds in 1995. On the other hand, Cian-Yun from the Department of Food Science won a silver medal in Judo general second-tier. Jhong, Ming-Ru, who is also a student of the Department of Food Science, won a bronze medal in the Karate general boys' third division. In future, our student can be expected with an even better outcome in sports.


*All of the names appeared are phonetically translated, and may not match the real name of the participants.







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