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[2022-05-16] NIU “Shennong Organic Farmers Fair” on each Saturday

National Ilan University, with many agricultural talents and technical resources, as well as having consumers' trust in the school, selected dozens of local high-quality organic and eco-friendly farmers to join and establish the "NIU Shennong Organic and Eco-friendly Farmers Fair." It is held on every Saturday morning from 9:00 to 3:00 in the outdoor space of NIU Student Activities Center. The opening ceremony was held at 10:00 on May 14th. There were also "Agricultural Products Charity Sale" with the income donated to the "Yilan Children and Families Center" for public welfare, free shopping bag with a purchase of $500 or more, free DIY experience for parents and children in food and agriculture education, and so on. The activities are rich in content, and we sincerely invite the public to join us!



The market is held in the outdoor plaza of NIU Student Activities Center with the concept of "organic, environmental friendly; produce and consume locally", where consumers and farmers will have direct communication. The public get to know the production process of agricultural products and also buy healthy, pesticide-free local fruits and vegetables of their season. The high cost of organic and environmental friendly agricultural products causes difficulty for the business; however, farmers with their passion for this land are looking forward to present the best agricultural products to customers. Every farmer who participates in the market is willing to share with the public the experience of operating a farm, to promote the concept of organic and pesticide-free agriculture; to encourage people to support local food. In other words, you learn new things and make new friends when you come to the market fair. Since the trial run of the market fair in March this year, it has attracted a number of regular customers in want of healthy food for their families.




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