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[2022-09-30] NIU Red House Creates a Vision for a New Business District

NIU's Red House has successfully attracted stores investment, and on the morning of September 12 held a joint opening event for the participating stores in order to promote the community co-prosperity and create a vision of a new business district for NIU There was a blood donation truck stationed in the campus which held a blood donation event. Stores also offered discounts to celebrate the opening.

In addition, the blood donation event also included a gift for those who rolled up their sleeves, while medical staff from the Lotung Pohai Hospital were on hand to provide free medical consultations for community residents and students to learn about health care and general medical knowledge.

NIU Red House includes some great stores, such as the University-President's drugstore chain COSMED, BOBO pizza restaurant owned by a foreign friend in Taiwan, the famous Japanese chain hot pot restaurant Jhu Jian and the famous brunch restaurant chain, Toast Man.

NIU Red House has undergone a strict review of the public bids to run the project, and finally Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hun Yi Group won the bid to obtain the right to undertake the operation. The group, thankful for the above-mentioned stores who invested in the project, refurbished an unused 1650 square meter area on campus previously full of vegetation to provide a free and friendly resting area for teachers, students, and members of the community.

Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hun Yi Group, with its 10 branches and more than 100 brokerage employees, aims to reach new heights in the Yilan real estate industry. To improve the service quality of their brokerage, with the support from NIU, Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hun Yi group have founded an industry-academia collaboration project and have successfully mentored four outstanding students to intern in their real estate brokerage.



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