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W Taipei launches Sweet Award - First ever urban beekeeping in Taiwan

W Taipei launches Sweet Award - First ever urban beekeeping in Taiwan



Since last year December, on the rooftop deck of the W Taipei, 30 stories above the most expensive and bustling Xinyi District of the Taipei city, there are 6 boxes of bees (120,000 of them) working actively, buzzing for the latest project of W Taipei – Sweet Award, first ever urban beekeeping in Taiwan.

The idea came from Cary Gray, General Manager of W Taipei, who believes in local ingredients and had worked several projects including the 5Beer at Woobar, Weekend Farmers Market at The Kitchen Table and the W Sweet Award Urban Beekeeping. “The plight of honeybees is in dire straits across the world. Urban beekeeping is a cutting edge salvation for this rapidly diminishing population of buzzing friends.

W Taipei has deeply studied this problem and after 8 months of expert consultations and thorough preparation toward the betterment of our future, we partnered with Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation to bring the first bee hotel in Taiwan.” shared Cary.

To be part of a global effort to help save the honeybees from various threats of disease and human habitation, W Taipei has placed hives on the roof space of the property. Not only will this help by providing plenty of bees to pollinate, but by harvesting the honey, Chefs and Mixologists can offer delicious dessert and cocktail in the bars and restaurants with local and suitable honey. Part of the honey goes to W Taipei and the rest goes to Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation to help those who are in need.

The first harvest in mid April is a sweet award at 4 liters. Guests will soon be able to taste the Honey Cheese Cake and the cocktail Bees Knees in Q3 2015 after the certification is received.



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