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NIU students lead a micro film making winter camp for local elementary school children

14 NIU students went to Nei-Cheng Elementary School of Yilan County during Jan 27~ 29 for conducting a 3-days winter camp. NIU students showed these elementary children how to produce a micro film from creating script, taking photos and footage and merging to the film.

One of participating NIU students said it was really a meaningful experience to serve these children. “ Yilan is our home town, with the knowledge and skills learned at NIU, we create unique memories for this young generation at Yilan”, added the student. Director Chen of NIU Liberal Art Center, also the chair person leading this winter camp addressed that “In recent years, NIU focus on developing general education toward local culture, and encourage our students to record their life by micro film. We appreciated Nei-Cheng Elementary School allows our students to contribute their learning during this winter camp.”

Besides learning the making of micro film, NIU students also lead these children to do some chemical and physics experiment, and showed them the cultural beauty of the 12 towns at Yilan County. All the children have learned so much from this camp, and they enjoyed a lot the company of brothers and sisters from NIU.


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