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The former Premier of Executive Yuan visited National Ilan University to promote organic agriculture

Just before the April 22 Earth Day, National Ilan University invited the former Premier of Executive Yuan Mr. His-Kun Yu, who is also and former Magistrate of Yilan County and the founder of Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation to conduct a speech “Building Taiwan as an organic agriculture island ”.

Mr. His-Kun Yu mentioned in his speech that Taiwan has very advanced organic planting skills, if the Legislation Yuan could pass the law to promote organic agriculture, he believed there will be more farmers want to do organic planting. Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation has dedicated in helping farmers in Yilan to adapt organic planting in the past few years; Mr. His-Kun Yu said that with the successful experience at Yilan, Youngsun could assist farmers from rest parts in Taiwan to embrace organic agriculture.      

National Ilan University also takes this opportunity to sign a collaboration Agreement with Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation. Both institutions agree to co-work at Exchange the organic promotion experience, Work together to establish Young Volunteer training platform, Co-work to promote organic agriculture education in Yilan, and lastly Conduct related seminars & workshops together.  National Ilan University Acting President Dr. Po-Ching Wu encouraged NIU students to actively participate in such activities which would help them to become generations caring the earth.



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