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[2020-6-20] Nan'ao Flower in Yilan County creates a "beekeeping village" and a unique "forest honey"
Nan'ao Township's Aohua Community is located in the "South of the County" in Yilan County. The Yilan County Government and the National Yilan University cooperated to assist the Aohua Community in planting herbs and establishing the wild bee industry. The honey came from the trees about to bloom. The taste is the same as the "forest honey", hoping to turn the original tribe camp into a "beekeeping village".

The residents of the Aohua community are mostly Atayal people. They are located at the junction of Yilan and Hualien. They are surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. They are far away from pollution sources such as pesticides. They are regarded as excellent places for working with nutritional bees. The Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science of Yilan University led Aboriginal students to set up beekeeping classes, hoping to develop wild honey into high value-added products in the community.

President Wu Baiqing of Yila University and Lin Jinrong, deputy county governor of Yilan County, went to the Ao hua Community today to observe the crowded scene of wild bees up close. But the two picked up the spoon directly and tasted the "wild honey" freshly baked in the beehive. They gave thumbs up and praised the delicious food.

The students of beekeeping class have been trained by 25 villagers and have basic beekeeping techniques. The beehives are set under the woods. The honey source comes from the neighboring tree species. They belong to the unique “forest honey”. When Seasons change, with a variety of unique tastes.

At present, there are 30 beehive boxes in the community. Each box is estimated to produce 0.5 to 1 kg of 100% pure wild honey per month. In addition, pollen and royal jelly make extra profit for the beekeepers. It is expected that there will be more and more residents joining apiculture, which will hopefully become worthy industry for the tribe.

The county government pointed out that the beekeeping industry in the Aohua Community is just starting, and the tribe is rehabilitating wild bee species. In addition, it is also planting honeysuckle and other Chinese herbal medicines in the nearby herb park to become a source of bee powder. After the output is stable, it will cooperate with the neighboring market –the mud DAKA market, it allows everyone to experience and purchase special agricultural products produced by the tribe.

The wild bees of the Aohua Community are kept in a forest environment. The source of honey comes from neighboring tree species, and they have different tastes according to seasonal changes, becoming a unique "forest honey."