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[2020-11-04] NIU Foreign Students participated in "2020 Yilan’s Fun Play Card Marketing Promotion Project"
The Office of International Affairs in National Ilan University was invited to participate in the Yilan County Government’s "2020 Yilan’s Fun Play Card Marketing Promotion Project". The international students group leader Prof. Pei-Wen Kao and team member Ms. Si-Ying Peng led multi-countries students from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Saint Vincent, Saint Christopher and Nevis participated in one day Yilan City Tour──"Eudaimonia Tea Village Tour" and "Taiping Mountain's Most Beautiful Jancing Historic Trail ".

In the "Eudaimonia Tea Country Tour" event on October 17, international students experienced DIY Taiwanese traditional pastries for the first time. They found the green tea cakes and Leicha made by the green tea produced in Yilan Dongshan Tea Garden and found it to be novel, interesting, and delicious. On the same day, they also visited the local Yilan enterprise- King Car Kavalan Whiskey Distillery and arranged lunch to taste Yilan specialties such as "Silu Meat" and " Gao Jha ". The itinerary combines food and fun and uses taste buds for international students to outline a deep impression.

International students who participated in the " Taiping Mountain's Most Beautiful Jancing Historic Trail " on October 24 have not yet climbed the Taiping Mountain, which is 1,950 meters above sea level. Some students even come from tropical countries. However, when the students came to this high altitude in low temperature areas, there is a satisfied smile on their face while they are taking a big breath for pure air. The Jancing Historic Trail, known as the most beautiful forest trail, has a gentle path, verdant landforms, and the old railroad for caring timber covered by plants. It witnesses the passing of years and has a sense of history. Every section of green railway is worth taking photos and checking in. Picturing the moment of memory, there are still clouds and misty mountains in the distance, clear and empty. The purple leaf maple is planted on both sides of the stairs of Taiping Mountain Villa. From April, it enters the leaf exhibition period. The maple viewing period lasts for half a year. The naturally formed "Maple Red Ladder", which made international students all marvel at this scene. With the beautiful scene, they deeply in love with beautiful Yilan.

By participating in the " 2020 Yilan’s Fun Play Card Marketing Promotion Project" this year, The Office of International Affairs led the international students of Ilan University into nature and experience the charm of Yilan tourism. The students posted their posts on social platforms respectively and shared what they experienced with friends and relatives in their hometowns. What they have seen and heard not only deepens the emotional connection between international students and the local area, but also promotes the tourism in Yilan and the educational environment in Taiwan to the world.