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[2020-11-03] NIU Promoted Friendly Agriculture Cultivated in Local Cultures
The USR Plan of National Ilan University — “To Practise the Spirit of Li Mountain and to Build A Sustainable Countryside Development,” which is coordinated with the high quality education, is one of the target of sustainable development of the United Nation (U.N.). On the other hand, National Ilan University also has combined this kind of project with National Ilan Commercial Vocational High School to nurture potential human resources that are interested in sustainable agriculture. Additionally, cooperating with the Yu Chai Elementary School to combine the fourth unit — Animals’ Good Friends, the life domain course of 2019 new education rules, National Ilan University provided the students a chance to go outdoors and process their experiences of friendly agriculture on December 27th, 2020.

This event was planned by Chief Zheng Chen Xuan, the co-host of the scheme. Prof. Kai- Li Chen, the vice president of National Ilan University who had been participating in agricultural recreation and agroecology of Yilan for years, was invited to bring out an ecological guide tour for the primary school students. The event began with a waterfowl habitation map in order to teach the students that agricultural activities and ecology protection can be on a balanced scale. Next, the students went to Tian Dong rice field to observe the waterfowl and listen to the guide. Though fallow lands couldn’t produce any crops, they were important habitats for the waterfowl. The students observed the waterfowl in a short range and this enabled them no longer learn about birds from books but observe the mother Earth outdoors.

Besides the ecological observation, in Master Guan’s leisure farm, students experienced using the ancient seedlings’ pail, a tool combined with rubber tire to transform into seedlings pail boat, is used to fill seedlings. Also, using the transportation tool that utilizing during the flood in early period——bamboo raft, along with the beautiful village scenery in farm, they walked into the nature, and had a deeper understanding of the local farm culture. They anticipated that students to be more supportive and friendly agriculture after learning biological conservation on land and the responsible agriculture productions.