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[2020-11-11] Presenting the Charm of Biological Science: 2020 College of Biological Resources Portfolio Project Competition
On October 28, 2020, the College of Bioresources of National Yilan University held the 6th "2020 College of Biological Resources Portfolio Project Competition", which gathered 12 groups of students from five departments to sign up for the competition. The competition specially invited Kun-Sheng Guo, Chairman of ANIBIO CO., LTD., Wang-Sheng Lee, Section Chief of Environmental Crop Division of Taoyuan Agricultural Improvement Farm, Shun-Guo Sun, Manager of United BioPharma, Rui-He Chen, Vice General Manager of Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation and Hualien District Agriculture Wen-Hua Lin, an assistant researcher of the Lanyang branch of the Hualien District Agricultural Improvement Farm, and five experts and scholars from various fields of industry, government, academia and research are serving as review members.

The committee members evaluated the teams based on written information, poster production, work display, on-site commentary, and question answering. All participating students are very actively involved in the competition. Not only are the materials fully prepared, but they also try to present the results of the long-term special research in various ways, such as: making rice dorayaki pie crust on site, letting the committee members evaluate it while it is hot, or putting the small results of the rehabilitation of mountain slides are truly presented to the committee members.

After an intense competition which lasted an afternoon, committee members commented and presented awards at 5 pm. The committee members agreed that this competition held by NIU of Biological Resources was very effective in cultivating students' practical ability and problem-solving ability. All the participating students performed quite well, fully demonstrating the learning results of learning with application. With the guidance and suggestions of the committee members, the participating students have also gained full gains and growth.

The result of the competition was graded respectively by the five reviewers. Followed by a final discussion, the reviewers decided that Jun-Xiang Hong and Yung-Shan Chen from the Department of Food Science won the first prize with their project titled “R&D regarding Sprouted Peanut Oil and Peanut Shortbread”. Yin-Hao Yang from the Department of Forestry and Natural Resourses with his “Feasibility Assessment on the Development of Garcinia’s Leaf for Natural Sunscreen Additives”, and Jian-Xiang Chen, Bo-Wen Liu, Shang-Hua Hsieh from the Department of Food Science with their “Production Development of Soy Sauce Meal Biscuit and Its Savoring Result Analysis”, won the second prize. Yamila Macarena with her “Activated carbon anode derived from liquefied bark for microbial fuel cell” won a place at third. While for the Merit Award, we have Che-Chen Liao, Wei-Huang Lai from Department of Biomechatronic Engineering with their “Orchid Environmental Control Bottle”; Zhen-Yu Chiu, Zhong-Xiang Ho, Chui-Han Chiu, Yi-Jia Yang from Department of Horticulture with their “Green Miracle on the Mine Cliff”; Zheng-Xiang Ke and Ngo Liang Yi from Department of Forestry and Natural Resourses with their “Research regarding Different Fashion to Push Germination of Litsea Cubeba”