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[2021-11-8] National Ilan University Undertakes the Industry-Academic Cooperation with Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hongyi Group
Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hongyi Group and National Ilan University (NIU) signed a contract for the "Preliminary research commission case for the establishment of real estate business intelligence modules”. The purpose of this agreement is for focusing on deep cultivation of real estate services in the Lanyang area, as well as further implementing corporate social responsibility. In order to introduce the application of business intelligence in real estate industry planning. Prof. Gu-Sie Chen (陳谷協教授), the General Secretary of NIU, mentioned that “Enterprises take from society and they are responsible for employees, society, and the environment. However, it cannot be denied that profit is still the key. Business intelligence is the procedures and skills calculated by big data. Integrating experience, analyzing logic, and summarizing knowledge are also advantageous in assisting emergent companies and making accurate business decisions.Apart from that , they can also create more profits precisely.

Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hongyi Group is a franchisee which is affiliated with the world-renowned real estate industry, 21 Century. Since 1971, the US head office has refined the brand of real estate agency and spanned across 83 countries. Now it has more than 100,000 service locations. The headquarters in Taiwan has been established for 24 years since 1997. The Asia Pacific Operation Headquarter, which was established in Taiwan in 2002 with 13,000 locations, is the only domestic house broker brand with global operations. Among them, Lanyang 21st-Century Real Estate Hongyi Group in Yilan is led by the chairman, Yi-Sheng Lin. Since 2015, it has established 10 branches with the business policy of "deeply ploughing the ground, working hard in Yilan, and engaging in diversified charity activities." There are more than 300 business partners. Recently, it has actively promoted industry-academia cooperation with National Ilan University. In addition to signing an employment internship plan with the Department of Applied Economics and Management at the beginning of the year, it provides students with a basic salary of NT40,000, plus bonus for workplace training, and hopes to lead the high salary way for companies to keep local talents. Now, signing the commission research with NIU again, Mr. Yi-Sheng Lin, the chairman of the board, expressed: “NIU is a local university with high quality, our collaboration with the NIU to implement the industry-academia cooperation is actually a way to taking the ‘deep plowing’ in action, in addition, the benefits create four wins: First, offering the practical case of business operating data to academic research; second, offering the concrete support for the big data education in College of Humanities and Management in NIU; third, promoting the wellbeing of local real estate throughout the research outcome; fourth, improving the operating efficiency by the model.” Mr. Zhi-Han Tsai (蔡智熯), the vice president, also expressed: “Lanyang 21st Century Real Estate Hongyi Group is a quality company in Yilan, cooperating the project and commission research with NIU is the best example to show the “deep plowing” in the local and to put ‘CSR’ into practice.”

Prof. Gu-Sie Chen (陳谷協教授) further stated: "The Bachelor's Degree program in Big Data Application and Management" of the College of Humanities and Management of National Ilan University(NIU) focuses on the practical application of business intelligence as the main educational direction. It combines academic expertise with data and knowledge of business practice to develop business intelligence modules and serves as a teaching example of "Problem-based Learning (PBL)". The educational effect of big data analysis will be concrete, direct and effective, and the "four wins" benefit of this industry- academia cooperation has proven it.