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[2021-12-14] A Successful Event of the 8th Fu-Chang Day

    Fuchang Day, the annual event of the Department of Biological Resources, was held at the Fuchang Hall on the ground floor of the Building of Bioresources at 2 pm on November 25th. President Wu delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the university and issued a certificate of appreciation to the Chairman Zheng-Hong Yang of Taiwan Fuchang Group, thanking him for his kind donation to the students.

    The presented guests included representatives of various private companies and public institutions, members of council of NIU Alumni Association, teachers and students of NIU.
    Chairman Zheng-Hong Yang presented “Taiwan Fuchang Scholarship and Bursary” at the event. Each awardee will receive a certificate of merit and a scholarship of 20,000 dollars. The award-winning students included Meng-Han Wang from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, Shao-Lin Lin from the Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Qian-Yun Huang from the Department of Food Science, Zheng-Yan Liu from the Department of Forest and Natural Resources, and Ting-Cyan Chen from the Department of Horticulture.
    Dean Wei-Rong Chen, of College of Biological Resources, issued a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the event holders to Ming-Zhe Wu, the former head of the breeding group of the Animal Production Laboratory of the Agriculture Committee of Executive Yuan, and Professor Xiu-Luan Zhang from the Department of Animal Science and Animal Husbandry of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, to commend their outstanding contributions to the livestock industry.
    The event arranged two wonderful Fuchang lectures, which presided over by the director of the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, Guofeng Hua. In the first lecture, Dr. Mingzhe Wu, the former head of the breeding group in Livestock Research Institute, COA, was invited to give a lecture on "Novel Breeding Technology for Taiwan Swine".  The second lecture invited Qingbin Tong, professor of Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering and Director of the Office of School Affairs and Social Responsibility, National Taiwan University, to give a lecture on "University Sustainable Governance and Influence".

    In the last 20 minutes of the event, a comprehensive discussion was held. Guests, teachers, and students are free to pose questions, The members are in a heated discussion. Through the Fuchang Day event, not only can the figures from different industries learn the recent development of the school, but also provide important platform for the information exchange between industry, government, academia, and research. The 8th Fuchang Day event this year ended successfully at 6 pm that day.