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[2022-09-02] The Grand Opening of a New Space in NIU’s Library

In accordance to the met the learning needs of a new generation of readers and to expand the self-learning learning skills of students, the NIU Library and Information Center provides a high-quality space for teachers, students and the public to enjoy. Since March 2020, after numerous meetings, questionnaires and data collection, the project named “Revitalize our Library” has been implemented in stages. The total cost of the project is NT$28 million (9.14 million for the first phase and 18.86 million for the second phase). The first stage installment, which is now completed has transformed a reading atmosphere into a collaborative learning environment. At the opening ceremony held on Monday, August 29 11 a.m. on the 3rd floor of our library and information center, we were honored to invite Principal Wu Po-Ching to give a speech. Principal Wu mentioned the story behind the project and gave a special thanks to the team for their efforts. The second phase of the project is currently under way. In line with the concept of “the Campus as a Museum”, the I-Learning Center on the 2nd floor is planned to be transformed into a “Campus History Museum” with three functions. The space integrates the Kavalan's culture in Yilan, the predecessor site of NIU with the century-old development of our school as the focus It is expected to be completed before July 2024, stay tuned.

The founders and Curators of the project, Kuo Fang-Chang and Chang Chieh-Jen,are also both responsible for teaching and administration which is already an exhausting task. During the general planning period Curator Chang led the team through various hurdles, from location to funding; Curator Kuo, who took over the project later, also completed tasks such as taking measurements, drawing designs, and cutting furniture templates in person. In addition, there was also a great engineering team who put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the project. Chairman Huang Chun-Hao of Yuan-Hong Industrial Co., Ltd., architect Wu Chun-Hao of Ze-Yi Architecture Firm, and NIU’s Head of General Affairs were invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony and thank the bursar and the colleagues of Construction and Maintenance Section for their significant contribution to the project. The Chief Secretary Chen Ku-Hsieh, Director Controller Li Ming-Ling and library colleagues also attended the ceremony, hoping that a small part of the changes will cause a ripple and, attract a tide of visits from old and new friends.

With the rapid development of digital information, people's habits of using information and learning have changed, group learning has taken over the role of individual reading, information services have become integrated into group learning, study rooms have been extended to study centers. The first phase of the space revitalization project incorporates images of reading, learning, and communication at the entrance. The cultural area acquires features of Yilan’s history, symbolizing NIU’s social responsibility. There is a minimalist wall design that reads, "Reading is like an invisible breeze to calm the years," symbolizing the 18 years of service since the museum was established in September 1993. Details of the modified functions of each area are as follows:

1.         The first thing that will catch the eye upon entering the building is the ground. The ground along with the entire shared learning space integrates elements of Yilan’s landscape. This integration is Based on the predecessor of NIU an agricultural school and uses the track image of Yilan’s forestry development. It creates a multi-field integration of retrieval, discussion, reading, learning and communication.

2.          There are 8 seats in the information retrieval area. You can search for information here with computers which are based on Smart VDI and equipped with stand-alone versions of e-books. On the other side, there is a bronze sculpture of a child reading a book, a large teddy bear, and plants.

3.          There are 10 semi-open compartments of different sizes providing 50 discussion seats, like a train carrying students to the treasure of wisdom, colliding with different ideas, stirring up innovative thinking and accumulating knowledge.

4.          Under the illumination of several honeycomb modeling lamps, the middle area presents a lively and bright atmosphere. With 32 polygonal combination tables and chairs, you can discuss and solve problems with friends here.

5.          Sitting in the Yilan Art and Culture Area, facing the window, holding a book in hand, reciting the whispers of poets, you can leisurely enjoy the elegance and value of literature.

6.          Under the herringbone-shaped lighting, in the 12 sets of sofas, you can be in a daze, ponder, or observe.

7.          Take a nap in the hanging basket area when you are tired. The space also has a special Switch game experience area, with 7 classic games.

The brand-new space combines five elements including reading, learning, discussion, communication, and relaxation which grants users a new perception of the ‘library’.