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NIU is qualified for Ministry of Education regular evaluation

National Ilan University (NIU) achieved outstanding results in the latest Ministry of Education regular evaluation. All departments of NIU are qualified for the evaluation, in additions, NIU fulfill the requirements of total five aspects of this evaluation.

To lift the performance and competitiveness of Taiwan Higher Education, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan continuously conducts evaluation for Taiwan Universities in periodical time. The evaluation covers five dimensions for each school, (1) School Vision, Mission & Focus, (2) Curriculum design, (3) Faculty teaching quality, (4) Learning resources for students, and (5) Administration organization. NIU is proud that we pass all five area evaluation for every department.

NIU not only qualified for this official evaluation, our excellent teaching quality of Department of Engineering, and Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science is also recognized by IEET Accreditation, an international accreditation party involved in engineering, computing, technical, and architectural education .It is no doubt that students studying at NIU will receive world-class teaching by our talented and knowledgeable faculty.